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The Internet's 8 Hottest New Highlighters For Fall 2018

The Internet’s 8 Hottest New Highlighters For Fall 2018

Here at POPSUGAR, we have a serious appreciation for highlighter. We want to

We Tried the Best New Fall Makeup — and Here's What It Looked Like

We Tried the Best New Fall Makeup — and Here’s What It Looked Like

Picking out new makeup is a little like online

The Pricey Antiaging Products That Are Worth Every Penny, According to the Pros

The Pricey Antiaging Products That Are Worth Every Penny, According to the Pros

Compare a Bentley to what you can buy at

Top-Rated Beauty Products That’ll Give You Glowy Skin

The word "glowy" carries more than one definition. For some, it’s simply dewy skin. For others, it’s liquid makeup that looks luminous instead

Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner & More Stars Who Double Their Lip Size With Fillers & Makeup: Before & After Pics

Many gorgeous stars have plumped their lips up with either fillers or makeup and it’s completely transformed their looks in unbelievable ways.

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23 Gifts for Friends That You’ll Probably End Up Stealing

It’s bad enough that you have to get presents for everyone in your extended family—but now you have to gift everyone in

Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, and More Celebs All Have These $134 Sneakers

It seems like Meghan Markle practically lives in high heels. But the expectant mother took a well-deserved break from her stilettos, trading them for sneakers over

Blair Eadie's Nordstrom Collection Is For Both Her Mom and "Most Fashion-Forward Friend in New York"

Blair Eadie’s Nordstrom Collection Is For Both Her Mom and “Most Fashion-Forward Friend in New York”

If you follow Blair Eadie of

20 Beauty Brands That Give Back

Beauty brands are going beyond just making you look good — now some are using their platforms to support charitable causes, from

This Easy, Comfortable Fall Outfit Is the Alternative to Your Classic Jeans

This Easy, Comfortable Fall Outfit Is the Alternative to Your Classic Jeans

This season, we’re really only interested in wearing things


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‘Renaming harmless cancers makes sense’

A reader recently asked me to explain what’s meant by ­overdiagnosis.

I wasn’t ­surprised because it (and overtreatment) is the buzz word of

Sarah Hyland's Boyfriend Wells Adams Defends Her Against Skinny Shamer Who Said She's 'Unhealthy'

Wells Adams is always ready to take down girlfriend Sarah Hyland‘s skinny shamers.

For the second time this month, the Bachelor in

How a Father's Smoking Habit Might Affect His Children (& Grandchildren)

The negative effects of smoking and nicotine are well known. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking can increase one’s

Not Exercising is Worse Than Smoking When It Comes to Your Health

It’s common knowledge that there are many benefits to being fit, but one large new study found that skipping out on the gym

Kate Hudson Shares Pre-Baby Flashback Photo: 'Can't Wait to Get Back in the Ring'

Kate Hudson is itching to get back to her old workouts!

Two weeks after giving birth to her third child, daughter Rani

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Jet makes emergency landing after window ‘shatters’ in the cockpit

Icelandair jet makes emergency landing in Canada after window ‘shatters’ in the cockpit Flight 688 was en-route from Orlando to Keflavik  when the

United pilot to passengers: We’re turning around because our plane’s too big

The text alert from United Airlines sounded ominous.

“Your 2:13 p.m. United flight to Chattanooga is delayed because of unforeseen circumstances,” it said. “This

How the ring on Prince Harry’s right hand helps him beat jet lag

If you’ve been watching all the royal PDA between Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on their visit to Australia this past week, you


And if you're one of those people who likes to get all your pressies wrapped before the shops get the decorations out, this

5 naturally beautiful eco-lodges in Costa Rica

In-your-face nature is the No. 1 draw when it comes to Costa Rica. The country abounds with a mix of microclimates, from cool-as-rain

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Ryanair Under Fire After Man Who Went on Racist Rant Against Fellow Passenger Goes Unpunished

Ryanair is under fire for the way its flight attendants handled a passenger’s racist tirade attacking the woman seated next to him

7 Haunted Hotels That Will Totally Give You the Creeps

Just the sight of the Stanley Hotel nestled near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado will send chills down any The Shining fan’s spine, but

China Plans to Launch an 'Artificial Moon' Into Space to Light Up the Night Skies

The night skies might soon have a glowing addition: Chinese scientists are planning to launch an artificial moon into orbit by 2020 to

'New Beginnings!' Go Inside Tamra Judge's Pristine New $2 Million Pristine Orange County Home

Tamra Judge told her Instagram followers on Friday she’s ready for some “new beginnings,” and it looks like she’s found just the property

Pregnant HGTV Star Leanne Ford Selling L.A. Cabin She Designed, for $995,000 — See Inside

Leanne Ford has some big life changes coming her way — including a new place to call home!

The star of HGTV’s Restored

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Jenna Jameson Says She Can Finally Fit Into A Size 4 Again, Thanks To The Keto Diet

It’s hard to talk about the keto diet without mentioning Jenna Jameson (she’s been raving about it for months, guys). And with

Gordon Ramsay Flaunts 50-Pound Weight Loss on the Beach: Photo

Shocking, indeed! Some celebs seek out extreme methods to shed pounds, while others transform with the aid of healthier methods. From Jonah Hill‘s impressive

Foodie Advent Calendars to Buy So You Can Eat and Drink Your Way Through the Holiday Season

Sometimes it’s a little harder to wake up early during the holiday season, so this coffee advent calendar from Kaffebox wants to

Cardi B Has Some Postpartum Questions for You, & BTW, Her Baby 'Broke' Her Vagina

Cardi B isn’t about to stop telling it like it is now that she’s a mom. If anything, she’s more candid than ever

The Rock Unveils His ‘Fast and the Furious’ Spinoff Body: Pics

No matter how cut he is, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows he can always improve on his muscle mass. As he captioned

North Carolina restaurant server given $10,000 cash tip by patron who ordered water

Restaurant server given $10,000 cash tip by YouTube patron

A server in North Carolina received a $10,000 cash tip from a customer

Mike Colter Welcomes a Daughter as Netflix Cancels Luke Cage


Mike Colter had a pretty good weekend, all things considered.

On Saturday, multiple outlets reported Netflix had canceled Marvel’s Luke Cage

Disney Dress-Up! 15 Magical Costumes That Will Transform Your Little One's Halloween

Buy It! Incredibles 2 Dash Costume for Kids ($45),; Incredibles 2 Violet Costume for Kids ($45),

Buy It! The Nighmare Before Christmas

Eva Amurri Martino Designs Dudley Stephens Fleece T-Neck for Moms & Mini-Mes

Actor and blogger Eva Amurri Martino — mom to daughter Marlowe and son Major — can add designer to her impressive résumé. She