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Huda Kattan Spends More Than $4,000 A Month On Makeup

Fans of Huda Kattan’s eponymous makeup collection have something new to clamor for: Next month the Dubai-based beauty guru will introduce Faux Filter

10 Simple Tips That’ll Take Your Nails From Dry & Peeling to Healthy & Shiny

If dry, peeling nails are your struggle, there are things you can do to get them back into good health. According to our

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner dyed their hair blue and green for Fendi

Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber and co underwent a serious hair transformation at the Fendi show today, after they

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Gigi Hadid rips her trousers in Milan but recovers like a pro

Gigi Hadid suffered a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during Milan Fashion Week: her trousers ripped. The slip-up didn’t happen while she was on

Claudia Schiffer: My Cultural Life

As a member of the original supermodel line-up, Claudia Schiffer has one of the most recognisable faces in the world. Her unique features

Margot Robbie stepped out of her style comfort zone for ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ premiere

Margot Robbie attended the London premiere of her new movie, Goodbye Christopher Robin last night. The actress – who often favours glossy

Introducing Tigerlily Taylor: The rock star daughter making it in modelling

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that being a rock star’s daughter is likely to lead to a career in modelling. Take Georgia

The sales whisperer: Sydney and Melbourne’s best shopping September 22-29

This week’s guide is national, as your Melbourne Sales Whisperer, Melissa Singer takes a well-deserved break. As well as sales in both cities


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Sick premature babies face a care ‘postcode lottery’

Babies born prematurely face a ‘postcode lottery’ of care, a new report suggests. While medical provision for early infants, with health problems

NHS emergency services spend thousands on fat mannequins

Emergency services are forking out thousands on special 25-stone mannequins – so crews can practice rescuing plus-size patients without injuring themselves. The

Texas girl who rapidly sheds skin at risk of early death

A nine-year-old girl could die at any moment battling the deadly scaling condition that causes her to shed skin all over her

Four in five women can’t climax through sexual intercourse

Four out of five women fail to reach climax through sexual intercourse alone, a new study has revealed. The findings break the myth

‘I taste cornflakes every time I hear the word east’

A 29-year-old man suffers from a bizarre condition that causes him to taste different foods every time he hears words. Dave Evans,

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Holidaymakers can now choose which room they’ll get in a Thomas Cook hotel – select a spot near the pool or far from the lift for £30

The ‘Choose Your Room’ scheme allows holidaymakers to select their ideal room based on personal preferences before they leave home

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C4 show Electric Dreams predicts life in 50 years’ time

It is often said that truth is stranger than fiction. But the lines between truth and science fiction are set to blur,

Airport baggage handler charged after swapping 286 suitcase tags

A 63-year-old man is facing a possible 12 month imprisonment for deliberately redirecting passengers’ bags. Luggage bound for five major cities around the

UK’s most haunted prison is offering overnight stays for brave tourists – including porridge brekkie, cell bed and ghost hunt

Fans of the supernatural are being given the opportunity to spend the night in Somerset’s Shepton Mallet Prison

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No wonder they’re unhappy – Ryanair staff reveal nightmare tales of working for the airline

Following the reports of Ryanair staff threatening to walk away from their jobs, accounts from disgruntled staff are shedding some light on what it

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Behr’s First-Ever Color of the Year Will Help You De-Stress at Home

For the past few years, whites and neutrals have ruled the world of paint color. Behr isn’t one to follow the lead, which

5 Things To Know About Ginkgo Trees and All Their Glorious Color


When we say these trees are among the prettiest of all time, we mean it.

There’s an obvious appreciation down South for

Would You Eat These Mushrooms?


Not every mushroom you find is poisonous, but that doesn’t mean you should eat it.

Grumpy loves mushrooms. All kinds of mushrooms.

Summer Gardeners, Here’s Your July Checklist


Think it is too hot for a garden? Think again. PLANT

Beloved by butterflies and hummingbirds, summer phlox (Phlox paniculata) gets props

The Easiest Hydrangea of All


Looking for big blooms without all the fuss? These hydrangeas are the perfect solution.

The blue, purple, and pink French hydrangeas (Hydrangea

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Quirky Baby Boy Names (That You Can Still Spell)

When on the hunt for a baby name, you’re usually faced with an overload of options. From literature to movies to your family

35 Hot Fall Toys for 2017: The best toys of 2017

What comes between beach toy season and holiday toy season? Fall toys, of course. Even with no major holidays urging you to expand

Model Tess Holliday Says ‘Body Fluids’ Are the Worst Thing About Motherhood

Tess Holliday — body-positive activist, model and author of the new book The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl — isn’t

Kim Kardashian West Opens Up About Miscarriage Scare

Despite her glam lifestyle, perfect contouring and mega-famous butt, life has not always been fabulous behind the scenes for Kim Kardashian West. The

The First-Time Mom Whose IVF Experience Wasn’t Easy

In our new series Pregnancy Diaries, we ask expecting women to jot down every pregnancy-related detail of their lives for a week. (Special thanks

Pregnant Kate Middleton Will Make First Public Appearance Post-Bed Rest

If you’ve been dying to see the former Kate Middleton’s royal baby bump, you won’t have to wait much longer. The official Twitter

Popular Baby Names Around the World

By Clare Bristow

This week’s news includes statistics from England, Wales and Israel, names inspired by musicians, title names, and boats.

Top names

Can Kids Benefit From Instability?


What is resiliency? What are the signs that your kid isn’t developing it? How can you help? Remember: Model your belief that

Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins’ Toddler Is Our New Favorite Hairstylist

Lauren Akins — wife of country music singer Thomas Rhett — had a little fun with her Instagram followers, informing them that her