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This Teenager’s Mom Threatened to Disown Him for Wearing Makeup

18-year-old Jauan Durbin is a freshman at Morehouse College who has a Twitter account filled with show-stopping makeup looks, and is determined to

The 5 Best Natural Drugstore Moisturizers for Under $15


Look for these all-natural moisturizers next time you hit the drugstore

The natural life is a hard life — well, in terms

The Jeffree Star and Too Faced Feud Now Involves Jarrod Blandino’s Sister

If you haven’t been paying attention to the beauty world on Twitter the past few days, particularly when it comes to Jeffree Star,

Beauty Beat: The new-wave facial treatment helping to banish winter skin

Good To Glow You can never underestimate the power of a good blush.

It was renowned make-up artist Bobbi Brown who said that

​These Fake Fitness Experts Are Now Being Sued For Their Hilarious Prank

The owner of a Wisconsin TV station is rather salty about being duped by a couple of pranksters. Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher

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Street wise:Take to the street in edgy pieces that spell city cool

Delving into our winter wardrobe after what feels like an endless summer can be exciting, everything seems new again after a hiatus from

Millennial pink and the rise of gender fluid dressing

Forget visions of Barbie cars, watermelon bubblegum and banker types on casual Friday, pink is in the midst of a renaissance and it

The Kardashians Have Split With Their Long-Time Stylist


You’ll never guess who they’re working with now.

After nearly a decade of collaboration, the Kardashians have officially split with their long-time

Jennifer Lopez Wore Two Naked Dresses to the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Last night was the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Jennifer Lopez was honored with the Telemundo Star Award, recognizing talents beyond music, as

Chinese clothing factory used by Ivanka Trump allegedly broke international labour laws


The factory is accused of paying its workers less than half the Chinese national average

The Chinese factory used by Ivanka Trump’s


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How broccoli helps beat strokes


How broccoli helps beat strokes: Powerful daily pill that harnesses chemical in the vegetable will help protect patients against most damaging effects

Cannabis on the NHS: Boy, 11, is first to be given drug


How this devoted mother’s tireless battle to save her 11-year-old son from crippling epilepsy led to him becoming the first Briton to

Could this urine test save thousands of lives?


Could THIS urine test save thousands of lives? Scientists develop simple way to spot deadly ‘lung attacks’ in patients with an incurable

Why self obsessed students should do care work 


DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why self obsessed students should do care work

A degree might give you lots of knowledge about

Blake Lively’s PT says better sleep can shave off weight


Better sleep can shave 10lbs off your weight, claims personal trainer for golden couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: A-list fitness guru

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Images reveal life inside an Indonesian rubbish dump


Shocking images reveal life inside a giant rubbish dump that’s home to 3,000 families (and some children were even BORN there) Twelve

An Inspector Calls on Orestone Manor in Devon


An Inspector Calls: Devon’s Orestone Manor is a well-oiled machine stuck in its old-fashioned ways The Daily Mail’s Inspector found Orestone Manor

Stephen Wright’s road trip from LA to San Francisco


California Drivin’: The legendary road trip from LA to San Francisco makes for an epic family holiday The Daily Mail’s Stephen Wright

Most exciting theme park offerings this summer revealed


Roll up you thrill-seekers for the ride of your life! The most exciting new theme park offerings this summer revealed The Daily

James Hughes-Onslow on Bateaux Windsor’s new cruise


A dinner cruise is a delicious way to discover the Thames: Tasty new voyage offers views of Windsor aboard a bubble-top boat

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Find the Magic of Magnolia Gardens


One visit to this Charleston landmark will send you back in time.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina,

Grumpy Answers Your Top May Gardening Questions


The blooms are here, but there are still problems for Grumpy to solve. 1. What is the correct way to spread mulch

Buy It Once, Grow It Again: 5 Foods You Can Plant From Their Scraps


Food waste is a big problem, especially when it comes to produce. But did you know most of the vegetables you buy

Mermaid Gardens Are Going To Be Your New Favorite Home Décor


A new spin on your favorite container garden.

Mermaid gardens are not only the latest home décor trend, but are the perfect

Tips on Planting a Bee-Friendly Garden


Here’s the buzz for attracting these important pollinators to your yard

Gardeners know that bees are some of the most important pollinators

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This Disney Princess Maternity Shoot Has an Amazing Backstory


Could this Disney-themed maternity shoot be any cuter?

Considering that the extent of my maternity photo collection is two blurry “OMG, stop

This Mom Just Wants to Poo in Peace, but Her Kids Aren’t Having It


Can a mom just get a little privacy, please? (Nope)

OK. We are officially dying of laughter over here, because Meredith Masonry

Celebrity Babies Named After Other Celebrities

We know that celebrities of the past and present inspire popular baby names, from Audrey (Hepburn) and Ava (Gardner) to (John) Lennon and

Help Name April the Giraffe’s Baby, Because What Else Are You Doing?


How does one choose a giraffe baby name, anyway?

Oh, don’t even try to pretend you’re not invested in the name of

5 Productivity Hacks for Working Moms With Long Commutes


How to transform your commuting time into time well spent

by Annette Mazevski for Fairygodboss

We’ve all been there: You’ve just finished

Couple’s ‘Batbaby’ Pregnancy Announcement Is Geeky Awesomeness


Holy pregnancy announcement, Batman!

James and Alisha Doherty have never been shy about their love for all things Batman and Batgirl. They

This Mom Told Teachers Her Daughter Is Done With Homework — Forever


Kids are drowning in homework — and one mom is clapping back

File this under: Woman, you are singing the song of

How to Raise Grateful Kids — Not Entitled Ones


We can break the ‘me, me, me’ epidemic among our kids

How do we raise kids who are grateful for everything they

What’s the Most Unusual Name in Your Family?

by Pamela Redmond Satran

My grandfather’s middle name was Owen, which was pretty unusual when I was growing up. I never thought back