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Spectrum Collections’ Star Struck Brush Set Tailors Your Beauty Tools Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your passion for makeup is written in the stars, and this collection proves it. As PopSugar found, Spectrum Collections created a zodiac

Exclusive: Sephora Launches 40 New Lipsticks With #LipStories

Calling all lipstick lovers: Sephora's got some major news for you! We've long been a fan of the makeup giant's in-house line

4 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Cold-Weather Workout More Enjoyable

Maybe you’re spent from a night out with the guys or had a super long week at the office. Regardless of your why,

Daily Deal: Get an Essential Bench and Dumbbell Set for $50 Off Each

Building a home gym with limited space and money might seem impossible. Though resistance bands can deliver a quality workout and take up

Editor Favorites: This Budget-Friendly GPS Watch Is Perfect

When I started taking running a little more seriously, the first thing I decided I needed was a GPS watch. I was getting

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Beyoncé is Now Part of the $10,000 YSL Crystal Boot Club

YSL’s Swarovski crystal-embellished Niki boots have been the unofficial statement shoe of the season, making appearances on the feet of Kendall Jenner

How Christmas Lights Became Such An Inescapable Thing

According to legend, the 16th century Protestant reformer Martin Luther first added candles to a Christmas tree, inspired by the beauty of

Just When You're Admiring Iskra Lawrence's Curve Flattering Bikini, You'll Notice Its Astounding Color

Iskra Lawrence has been jumping from bikini to bikini, first in Mexico, then in Miami, where she showed off this curve-flattering design

If Any Expecting Moms Need a New Year's Eve Look, Kate Middleton Just Found It

Kate Middleton has owned this metallic woven Seraphine coat dress ($410) since 2014, when she was expecting Princess Charlotte. The design is

Curvy Ladies, Here Is All the Winter Outfit Inspiration You Need

If you’re a curvy woman in need of some serious outfit inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched high and


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This Snapchat Filter Quiz Reveals What People Think Of You

1. You come off as really straightforward and incredibly easy to talk to. You picked the dog filter because you don’t overthink

The Solar Eclipse Permanently Damaged This Woman’s Eyesight

During last August’s solar eclipse, 26-year-old Nia Payne of Staten Island, New York, borrowed a stranger’s eclipse glasses and stared at the

Cases of meningitis W have rocketed by 922% in eight years

A promising student was left on the verge of death after being struck down with the virulent meningitis W, her family has

Doctor claims Donald Trump has symptoms of predementia

A doctor who specializes in brain disorders has called for Donald Trump to be testing for degenerative brain diseases like predementia. Dr

Most people are NOT in pain when they die

Many people fear death partly because of the perception they might suffer increasing pain and other awful symptoms the nearer it gets. 

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Where is Stonehenge, what happens during the winter solstice festival, how old is the monument and who built it?

The striking British landmark was built in three stages – and some parts of it are 5,000 years old STONEHENGE is a

The world’s most wished-for properties on Airbnb

Everybody has a vision of the perfect holiday home.  But some are more perfect than others, as Airbnb has revealed.  The rental

Tell your boss you NEED to use up spare holiday before 2018 – it’ll make you better at your job

Employees who travel regularly are more likely to develop highly valuable workplace skills IF you have any annual leave left to take

The worst TripAdvisor reviews of all time – featuring projectile puke and blood-stained headboards

Vomit, urine and semen have all been found in hotel rooms by unlucky guests… as well as one unfortunate customer who found

Futuristic ‘sleep’ bus to allow commuters to snooze in special nap pods on way to work

Passengers on the vehicle, which designers hope will  operate on eight routes across four UK cities in 2018, will be able to

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Why You Can't Find Your Favorite Holiday Movies on Streaming Services – Southern Living

Why You Can't Find Your Favorite Holiday Movies on Streaming ServicesThough it’s a relatively wonderful life for TV cord-cutters, George Bailey, Clark Griswold

Meghan Markle Home Tour – Prince Harry's Girlfriend Meghan Markle

Take a peek inside Meghan Markle's home, the star of "Suits" and Prince Harry's new boyfriend.You might know her as Prince Harry’s new

How To Use an Eyelash Curler the Right Way – Southern Living

Forget false lashes. Learn the best way to curl eyelashes and add volume with this tried and true tool.While every woman may have

Young Heart Transplant Recipient Honors Donor with Special Christmas Tree – Southern Living

Even at age 5, Mallory Hall understands the gift she's been given as a heart donation recipient. She decorates a second tree every

Bedroom Organization Tips – How to Organize Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are sanctuaries where we find renewal in sleep and a cozy place to indulge in intimacy, and disorder in this intensely personal

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Dwayne Johnson & His Girlfriend Reveal They’re Expecting a Baby Girl

Do Instagram pregnancy announcements make you feel all warm and fuzzy too? Or is it just us? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is

The Top Pinterest Parenting Trends for 2018 Are Delightfully Tech-Free

What did parents do before Pinterest? How did nurseries get decorated? How did parents come up with the perfect hipster baby shower

Where Do Celebs Really Buy Their Kids’ Clothes?: Famous kids’ favorite shops

These days, celeb kids are just as stylish as (or even more so than) their famous parents. But where do celebrities shop

Gaz Beadle’s and pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey decide on baby name

Hey guys,  Welcome back to my blog! This past week I’ve been sick following my flu jab, and because I can’t take anything,

100+ Boys’ Names You Don’t Know

by Pamela Redmond Satran These rare baby names  are the boys’ answer to the 100+ obscure girls’ names we brought you yesterday. This

10 Celebrity Parents Who Don’t Get Their Kids Presents: Santa’s skipping these kids

Despite the tens of millions of dollars they rake in every year from movies, endorsement deals and product launches, there are a handful

Kim Kardashian West Talks About Losing Embryo & Choosing Surrogacy

Although Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans have likely been keeping up — and already know full well that Kim Kardashian West

Mom-Shamers Attack Jessica Simpson for Sexy Photo

God forbid moms feel a little sexy once in awhile — and tell the internet about it. The rabid mom-shamers of the

Kid Gifts That Bust Gender Stereotypes: For kids of all genders

There are plenty of reasons to get children gifts that defy gender stereotypes. Maybe you’ve made a conscious decision to raise your kids