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Maybelline Is Creating a Wonder Woman Collection — Here’s a Sneak Peek

Beauty can be totally empowering — just ask this young girl who found strength by recreating Cara Delevingne’s Met Gala look, or Chelsea Manning,

Kate Middleton Reportedly Swears By This $22 Face Oil

Though putting on makeup is arguably the most fun part of getting ready, it’s basically nothing without a foundation of good skincare. While

Benefit Is Going to Be Sold at Nordstrom Soon

Benefit Cosmetics is a long-time favorite for many of us. One of the first “fancy” beauty products I ever purchased at a department

5 Expert-Approved Ways to Stop Sweating Fast


We talked to a dermatologist to find out exactly how to stop excessive sweating stat

As someone who has had notoriously sweaty

15 Photos Of Celebrities With Long Hair That Will Convince You To Grow Yours Out

Buzz cuts and bobs have been going strong for a while now, but it seems short hair days may be on the wane,

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Steve Carell is hot now and the internet isn’t really coping

If there’s one thing the internet really can’t quite handle it’s a middle-aged man experiencing something of a style renaissance.

Remember the reactions

Stella McCartney is now ’embarrassed’ by her degree show


She wishes she hadn’t got Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to model in it

Stella McCartney has revealed that she regrets using

Kate Bosworth Has Been Looking Seriously Chic Lately

Take a look at our favourite fashion moments from our favourite fashion it-girl.


How Margot Robbie disguised herself at Glastonbury


The actress clearly wanted to keep a low profile

Margot Robbie joined her friend and Suicide Squad co-star Cara Delevingne

Turkish label Les Benjamins accused of misusing Indigenous symbols in Paris collection

A Turkish fashion designer has raised eyebrows in Paris after his latest collection featured symbols and patters inspired by Aboriginal art and history.


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Botox Is Now Being Used To Treat Depression, Social Anxiety, And Migraines


IBM, Cornell University To Use Artificial Intelligence To Make Dairy Safe


Marijuana-Based Painkillers Could Be The Answer To Nation”s Opioid Addiction


I never wanted to get married, and it still feels strange to think I have a ‘husband’

I was never going to get married. After bearing witness to my parents’ three decades of misery I was not stupid enough to

I thought that being transgender meant I would never find love

When I said it out loud for the first time to my brother, Mikey, “I think I’m transgender”, I was weeping. “I’m afraid no

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Harry Potter brought to life with six amazing UK experiences for fans 20 years after first book


Find out how to brush up on your broomstick skills, marvel at wizards’ wardrobes and relive your favourite on-screen moments

TWENTY years

Canada’s cosmopolitan capital rivals London and New York – only it smells a whole lot better


Canada’s largest city has a thriving theatre district, world-class restaurant scene and buzzing night life

TORONTO has a lot in common with

Stunning city of Nice offers warm welcome to South of France with good food and beaches


Sitting on the pebbly shores of the Baie des Anges, the city flaunts its architecture, water parks and luscious delights

If you

Head to SeaWorld Orlando for a Virtual Reality rollercoaster ride that’s a monster experience for all the family


This incredible simulated sensation, courtesy of Kraken Unleashed: Virtual Reality Experience, is the first VR ride of its kind at the Florida

Bag yourself a cheap family beach holiday with deals for trips to Zante from £174 and Crete for £843 before school holidays start


With the hot spell over and normal summer service resumed, now’s the time to think about a cheeky trip before the kids

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EXCLUSIVE: A First-Look at a Stunningly Modern "Fixer Upper" Home for Sale

People looking to move into a Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper original are in luck. Not only is this shotgun house and

The Shotgun House From \"Fixer Upper\" Now Costs Almost $1 Million

If you want to witness the powers of Chip and Joanna Gaines, all you have to do is look at the price tag

Learn When to Prune Different Hydrangeas in Your Garden


Take care of these pretty pastel bloomers.

Have you been enjoying your hydrangeas this season? These pretty blooming shrubs are such Southern

Make Some Room In Your Garden For Dinosaur Parks


We can all have our own Jurassic Park now.

Your fairy gardens, teacup fairy gardens, and mermaid gardens are about to get a

Bottlebrush Buckeye Blows Me Away


This summer shrub shows off through fall.

Faithful readers, as you know, Grumpy was recently accused of favoring non-native plants, an indictment

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Children’s Books for Parents Who Want Their Kids to Understand Polyamory


Whether you’re poly or just want to give them a view of a bigger world

By Miko Technogeisha:

There are many of

I Can’t Believe I Had to Pump There


Moms reveal the craziest places they’ve had to pump

Breastfeeding your baby can come with some really awkward moments — like feeding

5 Genius Co-parenting Tips for Newly Divorced Moms & Dads


When parents divorce, it creates another source of stress on family & parenting relations

By Donna Begg:

Divorce is said to affect

Dancing with the Stars’ Edyta Sliwinska Welcomes Baby Girl


A new Dancing with the Starsbaby has joined the troupe

Two Dancing with the Stars dancers will be dancing around the living

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Have a Trilingual Daughter


Wyatt, 2, speaks 3 languages, the toddling overachiever

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis must be doing a whole lot right as parents,

Joey Fatone Gets Candid About Daughter’s Autism


‘We handle it as we go, like most parents’

We’ve always had a hunch that those boy band alums are big softies

These Twin Baby Names Are Perfect for Your Darling Duo


All the identical & fraternal twin baby name ideas you could possibly want

Naming a baby can be a difficult task. While

The Hottest Names for Dogs




From One Mom to Another: A Letter to My Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend


‘I will be ready to put my ego & pride aside’

I am sitting at my kitchen table thinking of you, wondering