Parents get Xmas-shamed after they lied to their kid for 15 YEARS so they could eat all the Ferrero Rocher themselves | The Sun

TWO parents have taken drastic action to ensure they could enjoy piles of Ferrero Rocher without sharing any of the chocolates with their daughter.

According to their child, now 21, the ''selfish'' duo had allegedly told the daughter she had a non-existent nut allergy, so they could devour the sweets themselves.

However, once the daughter took a blood test, she discovered she was, in fact, perfectly fine with consuming nuts and felt betrayed by their plan.

Upset and disappointed, the young woman took to Reddit to share the real-life story.

“I found out my parents lied to me for over 15 years by saying I was allergic to nuts."

She added that when she brought this up with her parents they hit back saying it was because her mother "loves Ferrero Rocher" which they added were “expensive”.

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“The lie got out of hand and I ended up avoiding all kinds of nuts during my whole life.

I have been deprived of hundreds of recipes because my parents didn't want to share this f*****g chocolate with me.

"Is it even good? I feel betrayed and manipulated and feel like I'll forever resent Ferrero Rocher.

''Should I just try it at an exposition therapy or something? I'm absolutely sure it won't kill me this time.”

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Following the woman's somewhat heartbreaking story, dozens of Redditors flocked to comments with sympathy and empathetic words.

One said: “I'm sorry those are your parents! That's incredibly selfish of them.

''Hopefully, that's the only lie they told you. I hope enjoy exploring different kinds of nuts!”

Although the young woman was indeed annoyed at her mum and dad, she said she didn't have anything against Ferrero Rocher.

“I don't actually resent Ferrero Rocher, only for being good enough to drive my parents to lie for so long!

''I am sorry, I understand it sounded weird.

“I understand that my mum had only a few things to enjoy during those days! She apologised a million times and I forgave her! This became a funny story for us to share.”

Others, meanwhile, chimed in to share cheeky ways of revenge.

''Change the chocolates with Brussel sprouts in the wrap and give a box of it to them as sweet revenge!'' chuckled one Reddit user.

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''You can even dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in crushed nuts if you want them to take a bite.''

A fellow chocolate fan wrote: ''They are my absolute favourite and I really don’t like to share them, not to this extreme but they are just little golden balls of goodness.''

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