Sunny Hostin left red-faced after Joy Behar claims she 'fakes orgasms'

The View host Sunny Hostin, 54, looks furious as Joy Behar accuses her of ‘faking ORGASMS’ – before Ana Navarro brands her a ‘b***h’ in very awkward on-air exchange

  • Sunny, 54, looked rather embarrassed when Joy, 80, commented on her sex life
  • Whoopi Goldberg was forced to step in and told viewers ‘you can’t unhear this’
  • Ana, 51, swore at her co-host after clashing over wedding thank you cards 

The View’s Sunny Hostin suffered a few embarrassing moments during Thursday’s episode, with Ana Navarro calling her a ‘b****’ live on air before Joy Behar poked fun at her sex life.

The usually outspoken Sunny, 54, was almost lost for words when Joy, 80, implied that she ‘fakes orgasms’ and looked equally surprised when Ana, 51, cursed her over a wedding thank you card.

The panel, led by Whoopi Goldberg, were discussing Cindy Crawford’s recent comments about how she ‘changed’ herself to make her marriage to Richard Gere work.

‘If Richard Gere wanted me to become a Buddhist yogi, I probably would do it!’ Sunny joked, before adding: ‘Look at Richard Gere!’

The View’s Sunny Hostin suffered a few embarrassing moments during Thursday’s episode of the show

Joy Behar made a cheeky comment about Sunny’s sex life and suggested she ‘fakes orgasms’

Sunny, 54, did not look overly impressed as 80-year-old Joy made the saucy quip

Referring to her own 25-year marriage, she revealed that she has ‘pretended to do a lot of things,’ to which Joy replied: ‘Did you really?’

‘Absolutely. I told Manny… I mean I am a faithful person and Catholic… I told him I went to church every single Sunday,’ Sunny said.

Alyssa Farah Griffin asked: ‘You don’t? I assumed you did!’ to which Sunny added: ‘I stopped going every Sunday!’

But Joy had to take things one step further and blurted out: ‘Sunny, I bet you’ve…’ before turning to the live studio audience and asking: ‘Don’t you think she fakes orgasms? Tell me, do you?’

A rather unimpressed looking Sunny pursed her lips and fired back: ‘Well, I don’t have to, Joy. I’m one of the lucky ones.’

The rest of the panel and the live studio audience gasped in shock at the cheeky exchange as Whoopi told everyone: ‘You can’t unhear this. I’m just telling you, you cannot unhear anything you’ve heard today. It’s going to be with you the rest of the day!’

A short while later, the Sister Act star kicked off a discussion on whether or not couples should set up a gift registry ahead of their weddings.

Ana was keen to share her opinion and explained: ‘Listen, when I got married in 2019 I didn’t want a gift registry. I was getting married at 50, I had everything, like three of each…

‘But my best friend Lee said to me, “you’ve got to have one because if you don’t have one people will give you stuff anyway and you’ll be returning stuff for the next three years”, so I did a gift registry.’

The mom-of-two recently celebrated 25 years of marriage with her husband Emmanuel Hostin

Whoopi Goldberg looked baffled and told viewers they could ‘not unhear anything’

Joy (right) accused Ana Navarro of not sending thank you cards after her 2019 wedding 

Ana, 51, came prepared with a blank card and wrote something rather rude inside it

She then turned to Joy and Sunny and said: ‘You were very kind… you all sent me,’ as Joy butted in and said: ‘Oh finally, a thank you note!’ while Sunny shouted: ‘I didn’t get one either!’

Ana then pulled out a black greeting card and told them: ‘You know something, I knew you were going to bring that up again so I come prepared!’

As she started writing something in the card, Sunny asked if she had two, to which Ana blurted out: ‘Thank you, b***h!’

Luckily, Joy and Sunny saw the funny side and couldn’t stop laughing.

It comes after the panel mocked Alyssa during Wednesday’s show after she admitted she couldn’t read her own handwriting and said ‘paper machete’ instead of ‘paper mâché’. 

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