‘I’m a doctor and here are three drinks that can help to burn fat’

Tea has long been hailed for its many health benefits, one of which could be fat loss.

“Tea is one of my favourite drinks, and you can often find me sipping cups of it all day long,” said Dr William Li.

Oolong tea is one of Dr Li’s particular favourites, which he said “contains polysaccharide that suppresses fat cell growth by turning off their gene expression”.

Oolong tea has been shown to improve metabolism if consumed weekly, research states.

Dr Li pointed out another fat-busting tea: “Pu’er tea is a fermented black tea that contains a probiotic called pueribacillus that boosts gut health.”

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And, most notably, Dr Li said: “Matcha tea contains EGCG [epigallocatechin gallate].”

Well known for its vivid green colouring, research has shown that matcha can counter the metabolic effects of a high-fat diet, Dr Li noted.

EGCG is a fat-suppressing bioactive that is present “137 times” more in matcha tea compared to typical commercial green tea.

Three fat-fighting teas:

  1. Oolong tea
  2. Pu’er tea
  3. Matcha tea.

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How to burn fat

The NHS stresses the importance of healthy weight loss, which is likely to increase the chances of maintaining the new weight in the long term.

“To make sure you lose weight safely, always speak to your GP before starting a new diet or fitness regime,” the health body advises.

One pound of fat is the equivalent to 3,500 calories; by reducing calorie intake by 500 calories daily, you should lose around one pound per week.

“While it might not seem like much, if you ate an extra 100 calories per day, by the end of the year you could gain 11lbs,” the NHS cautions.

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Those hoping to burn fat are advised to:

  • Set small and realistic goals to help you lose weight safely and make you more likely to maintain your weight loss
  • Eat three regular, balanced meals a day
  • Try to have meals at planned times
  • Only include snacks if you’re physically hungry.

Those who have a taste for “high-calorie” coffees, such as latte or mocha, are better off opting for a low-calorie option such as an Americano.

Healthy weight loss is also about dietary portion sizes, some of which are listed below.

  • Pasta and rice – two to three tablespoons
  • Bread – one medium slice
  • Cooked meat – size of a deck of cards
  • Hard cheese – size of a matchbox
  • Beans or pulses – four tablespoons

People hoping to lose weight might benefit from eating off a smaller plate to help reduce portion sizes.

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