Moment go-karter flips 360 DEGREES after crashing on Spanish circuit

Formula SPUN! Moment go-karter flips 360 DEGREES in air after crashing into rival on tight bend on Spanish circuit

  • The footage captured in Spain shows the moment the kart flips into the air
  • The crash happened at  Rivas-Vaciamdrid Karting in Madrid last Sunday evening
  • Driver escaped the crash unscathed as kart landed on all four wheels  

This incredible footage captures the terrifying moment a go karter cheated death when the vehicle left the track and flipped in the air in Madrid.   

The video, filmed at Rivas-Vaciamdrid Karting in Spain last Sunday evening, shows two karts speeding around the track before coming into a tight corner. 

One hits the crash barrier at high speed and immediately veers into the next car, cutting across its path and crashing into another barrier, flipping over in the air.  

In a shocking moment, the kart lands on the crash barrier on all four wheels. 

Amazingly, the driver escaped unscathed because they were wearing a seatbelt and helmet. 

Shocked onlookers stare on in silence as the driver moves around in the kart, before giving them a thumbs up. 

They then dash onto the track to help. 

The karts collided after taking a tight bend in the track at high speed 

Both karts then bounced off of the crash barrier and into another one. 

One kart comes to a stop after the crash but the second flew over the barrier and into the air

Meanwhile in the background, the other driver has stopped the kart and is seen shaking their wrist.  

Miguel Angel Checa, CEO of the circuit confirmed that neither driver was injured and that the driver behind the kart that crash was ‘irresponsible.’   

‘The security measures of the circuit, and our protocols in case of an accident were correct and worked very well,’ he said. 

‘The accident occurred when the driver behind pushed the other driver like a bulldozer.

The kart immediately flips into the air after hitting two crash barriers at high speed

Shocked onlookers watch as the kart lands on the crash barrier 

Miraculously, the kart lands on all four wheels and the driver escapes the crash unscathed 

‘He didn’t brake until he hit the barrier and pushed him up.

‘That driver was irresponsible and will not return to our circuit.

‘We give written safety regulations and also before the drivers get into the kart we remind them by word of mouth.’

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