Jeffrey Epstein demanded pink bedsheets and naked portraits as court docs reveal paedo's twisted kinks

PAEDOPHILE financier Jeffrey Epstein’s twisted sexual fetishes have been exposed in unsealed court documents.

The files revealed the late billionaire’s sordid kinks – including pink bedsheets which would ‘remind him of female genitalia’.

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Epstein's alleged secret sexual obsessions were laid bare in a slew of legal filings from a 2015 lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

Unsealed by a judge on Thursday, the new court documents provided a fresh glimpse into allegations of underage sex and “constant” orgies on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

As well as his perverse lust for girls as young as 13, they also gave a distinctive insight into the tawdry desires of Epstein, such as nipple pinching, latex outfits and large naked portraits of women. 

According to his victims, the sex-obsessed 66-year-old demanded three orgasms a day and forced his underage “sex slaves” to fulfil a number of twisted fantasies.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers put up a fierce fight to keep the documents sealed.

She has so far managed to temporarily keep some of the documents private, including a transcript of her deposition believed to include sordid details of her own sex life during her alleged time procuring girls for Epstein.

But the judge ruled against keeping transcripts of legal interviews with Ghislane’s alleged victims, witnesses and a copy of a memoir by Epstein’s “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre private from the press.

In her memoir, The Billionaire's Playboy Club, Giuffre wrote that Epstein even chose the colour of his bed sheets to be reminded of female genitalia.

She recounted one incident where she claimed Epstein's lawyer, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, walked in on her and the late paedophile billionaire after sex.

Giuffre wrote: “After an explicit session of Jeffrey's vulgar pilgrimage into my body, we were interrupted by a knock at the door by Jeffrey's good friend Alan.”

“I wrapped myself in Jeffrey's pink bed sheets, which is the colour preference he chose to sleep in because it reminded him of the same colour of his own words ‘’P**sy’’, and covered my face from the unexpected intrusion.”

Dershowitz claims he has never met Giuffre and denies any involvement in Epstein's child sex crimes.

In a 2011 interview between Giuffre and her lawyers – also published for the first time on Thursday – the accuser also said Epstein was into “lots of” role-playing, which included latex and schoolgirl outfits for his sex sessions.

She claimed: “Jeffrey loved the latex outfits Ghislaine had for us girls, he had bondage outfits, he had all the different kinds of outfits, but his favourite was the schoolgirl.”

Former butler, Juan Alessi, also revealed detail on the financier’s fetishes, claiming he found sex toys including a double-ended dildo in the massage room of Epstein's Florida mansion, which accusers claim was the location for many of his sex sessions with minors.

Alessi said in a 2016 legal interview with Giuffre's lawyers: “I would find things like a dildo, it's called a double.”

“I hate to say it because these ladies. But I find these things, put my gloves on, took it out and rinse it, and put it in Ms. Maxwell's closet… because I knew that's where they were kept.”

The former butler said he also saw a “shiny black costume” in the closet that he believed was used for sex.

Maxwell has always denied any involvement or knowledge of her close friend's sex abuse, and is pleading not guilty to current child sex trafficking charges filed against her in New York.

Previously released court documents in Giuffre's case show the late pedophile bought books on sadomasochism.

Filings showed an Amazon receipt listing titles including 'SM 101: A Realistic Introduction,' 'SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude,' and 'Training with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners.'

Shawna Rivera claimed she was just 14 when the perverted financier told her to pinch his nipples while he masturbated during a massage he hired her for.

“[Epstein] wanted me to rub the lotion we were using all over his chest,” she said during Netflix's Epstein documentary Filthy Rich.

“And he told me to just grab his nipples and squeeze and pinch as hard as I could.”

“I was like, 'What the f**k is this?' I'm 14 years old.”

'It just went on like that for a couple of minutes and he finished. I was so embarrassed. I didn't know how to say, ‘’No, I don't want to do that’’.”

Another alleged victim, Johanna Sjoberg, claimed that Epstein told her he needed “three orgasms a day.”

In a previously unsealed deposition from Giuffre's 2015 defamation lawsuit, she said: “It was biological, like eating.”

Workers at his mansions in New York, Florida and New Mexico have claimed the walls were adorned with erotic pictures of naked women.

A former IT worker claimed Epstein kept a 6 ft naked portrait of Maxwell posing provocatively above the pool at his New Mexico ranch.

The employee, who worked on “internet, security and communications” for Epstein from 1999 to 2007, told The Sun: “There was this huge painting of Ghislaine naked with her legs open, six foot by six foot.”

“She was on a chair, leaning back, with her legs open.”

“You could see everything. She would definitely have posed for that. It was in the basement by the pool.”

In documents unsealed on Thursday, Giuffre told her lawyers that Epstein had a proclivity only for white girls.

In the 2011 interview, attorney Jack Scarola asked what criteria the late financier gave Giuffre to recruit other underage girls for his sex massages.

“He asked: “What instructions were you given about what to look for?”

Giuffre responded: “Young, pretty, you know, a fun personality. They couldn't be black.”

“If they were any other descent other than white, they had to be exotically beautiful. That was just about it.”

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Epstein was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges at a federal prison in Manhattan when he was found hanged on the morning of August 10 last year.

An autopsy revealed he had a fracture to his neck and New York’s chief medical examiner Dr Barbara Sampson concluded the death was a "suicide".

Meanwhile victims fear that Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, who is being held in a Brooklyn jail on charges regarding her part in Epstein’s sex trafficking, could die before she faces justice. 

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