Woman reveals the common money-saving travel hacks that ‘DON’T work'

IF you use social media, you will probably have seen some travel hacks pop up on your newsfeed.

They all claim to make travelling cheaper or easier – but it's difficult to know which work and which don't.

A woman has claimed to debunk some common travel hacks which say they can help you get cheaper flights.

Jodi, who uses the Tiktok handle @higirltravels, said the hacks don't work in a bid to help prevent viewers from wasting their time trying to use them.

She shared a video with the title: "There are many ways to find cheap flights but not using these 'hacks.'"

In the video, she shook her head as several 'hacks' popped up on the screen.

She listed: "Tuesday is the cheapest day to book a flight. Search for flights in incognito mode. Clear your cookies and search history. Book flights four to six months in advance."

In the comments section, Jodi said: "Studies and companies have debunked these. Flight prices change constantly, but not due to these quick hacks.

"But if they work for you, cool! Go for it."

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The video has been watched nearly 700,000 times and some viewers were shocked that they had been fooled by the fake hacks.

Someone commented: "So you're telling me this whole time I've saved nothing!"

Another wrote: "Yes! I see these hacks and been booking flights for years. If you call them the flights will all cost the same. It’s all about timing."

However, many viewers disagreed with Jodi and claimed the hacks have worked for them in the past.

One person wrote: "I have done this and it works. I was offered flights for $500 while on incognito. And when not in incognito, the same flights were $700."

Another put: "The incognito one is 100 per cent real. I have worked in the field. Cookies are a real thing."

A third wrote: "I've literally done all of these things to get cheaper flights. I'm sure there are other ways, but Tuesday is legit cheaper than other days."

After receiving hundreds of comments from people disagreeing with her, Jodi wrote: "It's impossible to convince those who have had personal experience with these and I've moved on instead of responding.

"Look these up and happy flying."

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