Too Hot To Handle’s Sebastian admits he feared co-star over rule break

Too Hot To Handle: Netflix releases teaser for season four

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Netflix’s dramatic dating series, Too Hot To Handle has finally returned to screens for season four of its celibacy social experiment. Contestant Sebastian ‘Seb’ Melrose spoke exclusively to after he was caught frequently breaking the rules. 

Too Hot to Handle and its virtual assistant, Lana, made its highly anticipated return to screens to put 10 singletons to the test.

However, the contestants were completely unaware they were on the hit dating show – instead, they believed they were a part of a brand new show, Wild Love.

When the truth was finally unveiled those who were familiar with the show were disappointed to learn the celibacy rule was officially active.

Throughout their stay in the villa, the horny singletons were not allowed to kiss, there was no heavy petting, sex, or solo-self-gratification of any kind permitted. 

This was a huge deal for the contestants who had all signed up to find true love and develop a genuine connection with someone.

Many already had their eyes on their next fling and were ready to dive in head first. 

However, this would have put the cash prize of $200,000 (£163,548) in jeopardy as the sum would diminish every time someone broke a rule. 

Despite this risk, Seb and 22-year-old Kayla Richart’s shared a number of kisses, fondled each other and even had sex, much to the rest of the cast’s dismay. 

After each rule break, the cash prize was reduced as the pair continued to be sexual even after Lana doubled the fines. 

Seb addressed the rule breaks and told “I was just going with the flow and I’m not being funny, trying to resist Kayla is difficult.”

As well as the multiple cameras around the Caribbean villa, the couple also had to avoid fellow contestant James Pendergrass who was on the warpath to ensure everyone remained celibate. 

Seb added: “Obviously I knew and I was thinking about the wrath of James, I’m going to get shouted at and he’s not exactly small. 

“I was like, ‘I’ve got to make some decisions here, do I break a rule and please my girl or do I please James?’

“And I have to say, I’m actually more scared of Kayla than I am James.”

After Lana noticed Seb and Kayla were forming more of a physical connection instead of an emotional bond, she set them up for a challenge. 

The couple was challenged to spend a night in a private suite which had a bathtub, massage oils and champagne without breaking more rules.  

Unbeknownst to them the rest of the singles were being put to the test, they had the choice of forfeiting $10,000 to cover all potential rule breaks or put their full trust in Seb and Kayla. 

After a tense discussion, they ultimately decided to trust Seb and Kayla wouldn’t break any rules and take from the cash prize. 

After was looked like a steamy night of romance, the duo revealed they had kept their promise and didn’t break any rules. 

Although this was a moment of glee, the happiness was short-lived as they soon returned to the pit only to discover other couples had also broken rules. 

Too Hot To Handle season 4 is available on Netflix.

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