The Walking Dead season 9 – why is Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln leaving the show?

WALKING Dead star Andrew Lincoln is leaving the hit AMC show – but why is he going?

Here we reveal why he's leaving, when he was originally supposed to leave, and what the rumours were.

Why is Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln leaving the show?

Andrew Lincoln is leaving the Walking Dead in Season 9 of the hit show.

The star – who has played Rick Grimes since 2010 – is set to walk out on the hit AMC show to spend more time with his family in London.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I have two young children, and I live in a different country, and they become less portable as they get older.

"It was that simple. It was time for me to come home."

However, on Sunday, November 4 2018, AMC revealed that they are developing a series of films about Rick.

The movies are expected to begin production early next year.

The first of these will explore where Rick's fate beyond the show and explaining his disappearance from the series.

When was he supposed to leave?

Lincoln, 45, was supposed to leave at the end of Season 8.

He tried to leave then to spend more time with his family, but backed out when he realised he wasn't ready to go.

He said at the time: "I can’t do it. I’ve got Norman, I’ve got Danai, I’ve got Jeffrey, I’ve got Melissa McBride, I’ve got Greg Nicotero.

"All these beautiful friends of mine and I don’t know if I can do it yet. I don’t know if it’s time."



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What were the rumours about his exit?

There was speculation that Lincoln decided to leave because of creative differences with AMC.

He was thought to have objected to the current state of the show, and fans wondered if it was because Rick's son Carl was killed off.

He said last year: "This will be my last season playing the role of Rick Grimes. It means everything to me."

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