Royal photographer ‘misses going to pub’ with Prince Harry

Royal photographer says he misses Prince Harry

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In the 1970s,  Arthur Edwards started taking photos of the Royal Family and has since been responsible for capturing some of the most iconic images, some of which include snaps of Prince Harry throughout his life. However, with the Duke of Sussex distancing himself from the British media, Arthur admits he misses the royal.

This week the anticipated first half of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary dropped on the streaming service.

In the docuseries so far, the couple gives an intimate insight into their relationship along with the struggles they faced with the British media.

Discussing the documentary on Thursday’s instalment of This Morning, hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby welcomed royal photographer Arthur onto the show.

After working alongside the royals for many decades, the photographer shared his thoughts on how the press has been portrayed in the documentary.

Speaking to the duo, he said: “I watched that first episode and I didn’t recognise some of that because I was at most of those events.

“I was in Lesotho when Harry was there raising money for those kids, they were feral those children, they lived in the mountains.

“Harry got them a night school and he got a teacher, these kids would sometimes take two hours to go to this school.”

The guest told Phil and Holly that he attended the trip with Prince Harry and William where he spoke to the Duke of Sussex about the importance of his work.

Confessing Harry told him it was the most important thing he had ever done, Arthur told Phillip and Holly it was clear he meant it.

He added: “The newspapers covered it and it got huge publicity and that helped fund it as well.

“It was a two-way street and he knew that, I have to say I miss him, Harry. He was such fun to work with.

“We’d go on tour with him at the end of the tour, we’d all go to the pub, he’d get things off his chest.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Arthur shared he didn’t feel as though the press let him down as there were certain people and agencies Harry trusted.

However, he highlighted when the royal made some mistakes during his youth, the media sometimes went overboard.

Picking up on his remark, Phillip asked: “You think you went over the top?”

Arthur replied: “I think so yeah, when he took the drugs and his father took him to a centre for rehabilitation, we should’ve got to track more on that other than actually what he did.”

Holly noted it sounded as if he was agreeing with Harry and Meghan’s claims in the documentary about the media.

Arthur commented: “Yeah but that was three or four times in all the times I’ve covered it.

“Most of the time it was terrific, Harry’s tours you knew he’d get in the paper every day, he’d just produce wonderful pictures for you.”

“I miss him here and I think the King misses him, I think he’d like his son back.”

This Morning continues weekdays on ITV from 10am.

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