P-Valley’s Mercedes star admits cast broke filming rules

P-Valley stars announce season three

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The second season of P-Valley was undoubtedly Starz’s surprise hit of 2022 after taking Mercedes (played by Brandee Evans) and the Pynk to dizzying new heights. Fans around the world are waiting for the drama to return, but hopefully filming for the third season doesn’t run into the same problems as this year’s follow-up.

Lead actress Brandee has shared a surprising story from the set of the second season of hit strip club drama P-Valley.

In the second season, Chucalissa’s biggest club The Pynk was forced to tackle the trials and tribulations of the Covid-19 pandemic, much like the cast was in real life.

However, Brandee and her co-stars quickly regretted it when they decided to bend the rules during production.

“When we did sneak and hang out, what happened?” she recalled. “We got sick!”

Although restrictions in some parts of the US weren’t enforced as severely as the UK, film and TV productions were still advised against holding social events away from the set.

Filming for the second season would have primarily taken place in 2021, so the cast was still very much at risk of catching the virus.

Despite the restrictions on production, Brandee maintained being separated from her castmates actually brought her co-stars closer as friends.

“You have no idea how many times they were all like, ‘Y’all, let’s go’,” she told GoldDerby.

“I’m literally like, ‘Nicco [Annan]! Shannon [Thornton]! I haven’t seen you.’”

Showrunner Katori Hall was deeply inspired by the 2020 lockdowns and the reaction to the pandemic in the USA when she began writing P-Valley’s latest outing.

Mercedes and the other dancers had to make huge sacrifices and work twice as hard to ensure The Pynk was kept up and running.

In addition to being one of the club’s most popular dancers, she also runs her own business as a dance tutor which experienced some major setbacks in season two.

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“We’ve all got to Zoom because we’re not supposed to see each other because we’re quarantined,” she recalled.

“I think about that with my Mum, like, I can’t come home because we’re filming and I can’t risk it because I’ve got to make sure the set is safe.

“Lots of FaceTimes, Zooming, and bringing that energy and emotion to everything.

“For example, when you see Mercedes sitting there with her girls with her laptop.

“They’re saying, ‘Hey!’ and checking in. That’s normal. How many Zooms did you do during the pandemic?”

“Everyone’s like, ‘Wait, I can’t hear you’, ‘You be quiet’, ‘Wait, what? What’s happening?’

“It’s the same type of feeling we saw on TV that we were all feeling in the real world.”

Thankfully, the cast all made it through the second season of P-Valley intact, although the latest outing did say goodbye to Hailey Colton (Elarica Johnson).

The rest of The Pynk is already confirmed to be returning for a third season, which hopefully gives the dancers a well-earned break from the challenges of Covid-19.

P-Valley seasons 1-2 are available on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.

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