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MTV’s True Love or True Lies? has couples debating how much they really know about each other

The cast of MTV’s new reality series True Love or True Lies? are determined to trip each other up in their bid to expose the liars from the true couples, but tonight’s tactics prompted more debates at home than it did on-screen.

During Thursday’s (August 9) episode of our new favourite detective show, the couples decided to play their very own version of The Newlywed Game, asking each half of the couple the same question and hoping the answers match up to see how well they know each other.

But things quickly fell apart when the game got underway tonight, as Jon remembered that Chris had two sisters (but then forgot their names) and Antoni couldn’t quite remember girlfriend Sophie’s birthday.

Questionable for sure, but it seems his answer prompted two very different replies from the viewers at home, with one camp wondering how on earth you can forget your other half’s birthday… and the other finding it entirely too relatable.

“How can you not know your own girlfriends birthday??? deffo a fake,” one fan wrote.

But, on the other side, someone added: “To be fair I can’t remember my boyfriends birthday.”

So far, this series has seen the viewers find this whole guessing who’s faking it thing pretty easy, but tonight proved more difficult as Chris and Jon were voted to leave the competition by the rest of the couples and viewers couldn’t make up their minds over whether they were actually liars or not.

It took an ad break and plenty of Danny Dyer’s brilliant commentary to keep us guessing, but eventually the couple revealed that they were “100% lovers”, costing the rest of the group £10,000 in the pot – and leaving viewers stunned in the process:

True Love or True Lies airs on weekdays at 9pm on MTV.

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