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Neighbours stars Takaya Honda and Matty Wilson reveal the soap’s first gay wedding will ‘save lives’

The marriage between their characters, David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan, is set to make history Down Under by being the country's first gay wedding to be shown on television after equality was won but more importantly the impact will be greater for LGBT+ people.

That's because it marks the first time a gay wedding will air on Australian TV, just 10 months after the country voted in favour of same-sex marriage and they have been told by a prominent LGBT activist how it will save lives.

The importance of the wedding episode is not lost on either of the actors playing the couple – Takaya Honda and Matty Wilson – and they felt a great responsibility to do the LGBT+ community justice.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online's Soap Bubble, Takaya – who plays David – said: "I feel a huge honour for being a part of it as a whole, to get to play David and through his whole story of coming out, to finding his dad to meeting Aaron and working with that relationship to where it is now.

"It's such an honour to be part of what is such a historic moment in the Australian TV landscape."

Matty – who plays Aaron – is in total agreement, saying: "It’s a huge moment, it’s hard to believe, I still pinch myself.

"When we see the hype around this episode in particular you start to realise this is a huge responsibility and a huge moment in history.

"It has the ability to affect a lot of people so it’s quite a powerful episode."

David and Aaron – or Daaron as their fans have nicknamed them – haven't had the easiest path to the altar, splitting at the beginning of the year with David moving on to romance the mysterious Rafael Humphreys, played by our very own Ryan Thomas.

However they reunited a few months later and proposed to each other on the beach in May, setting the ball rolling for the big TV wedding, which will air in September.

Takaya added: "Having to be the first marriage between two men on screen since it's been legalised has a lot of responsibility, but it was the motivation for Matty and I to work really hard on making a really truthful relationship between David and Aaron, so the audience would be behind us at this moment."

The storyline has been in the works since Takaya first joined the show in 2016, and he added: "I think it's a credit to the show as well as to Matty and myself that we're able to get here and have the audience behind us."

Indeed, the audience – overall – have been extremely supportive of the storyline and the relationship between David and Aaron.

Both actors admit they have been taken aback by the response, with Takaya explaining: "The things that are really special to me are the private messages you get, like when David did come out on the show, how much strength people found in that moment.

"I’d get messages from people’s mothers or men themselves saying thank you so much for that storyline, my brother, myself, my friend was able to use that as a segway into coming out to their families.

"Those moments were really special for me."

Sadly there is still some negativity out there towards a gay couple being portrayed on screen, however Matty has little time for it.

He said: "I still find it hard to believe there are actually people out there who are opposed to it.

"I mean, everyone has their right to an opinion but I just don’t see why someone would deny love.

"But if people are creating hashtags and investing into you positively, it’s pretty cool.

"It’s so surprising, they’ll take time out to do sketches and drawings of the couple and write poems, it’s a bizarre feeling.

"They’ve been egging it on for us to get married and we’re finally here."

The episode gets an extra special touch as acclaimed actress and comedian Magda Szubanski – who campaigned strongly for marriage equality in Australia ahead of the historic vote – plays the celebrant who conducts the ceremony.

Speaking about the Kath and Kim star, both actors couldn't praise her enough.

Takaya said: "She said when we were filming, ‘In all seriousness what you’re doing today will save lives, it’s that simple’.

"It was a masterclass, she was a figurehead for a push for marriage equality, so having someone like that be part of the storyline was huge and a huge gift for the show."

Matty agreed, saying: "She is an absolute genius, she’s always been a superstar in my eyes.

"When we found out she was coming I was so nervous.

"She’s absolutely lovely, so humble and a beautiful person to talk to."

However, soap land weddings never run smoothly, so can fans expect any drama before they reach the altar?

Takaya says: "There are a few things leading up that put spanners in the works, but I think the writers and producers knew the wedding itself holds its own and is special enough, and doesn’t need too much adding to it to make it more interesting than it already is.

"It’s an important moment for both the characters, and Australian TV and Australia as a whole, so why would you add anything if you don’t need to?"

Meanwhile Matty confirmed Ryan's character Rafael will not be one of the previously mentioned spanners, and won't be turning up to ruin the couple's big day.

However Ryan – who Takaya describes as "a wonderful man" – did play a prank on Matty that made him think otherwise at one point.

He explained: "I would have loved Ryan Thomas’ character to come back, that would have been perfect.

"He sent me a message a while ago and he joked to me, he said ‘hey my character comes back and we get it on’ and I was like 'what?'

"I kept trying to call him and he wouldn’t answer because he was pulling my leg, that would have been good.

"But it is a full circle, beautiful storyline with a really nice ending. Unlike most soap weddings there isn’t a traumatic ending."

Once the viewers have had chance to savour the big moment on screen, they will want to know what's next for the married couple, could children be in the equation?

At the moment, Matty isn't sure, telling us: "I would love that, I’d love that storyline to come about but so far there hasn’t been any kids storylines on the scripts we’ve seen, but hopefully we can get to that."

While the pair don't know what will happen next for David and Aaron, fans can rest assured they're staying in Erinsborough for the foreseeable.

Matty said: "We’re still working and with the amount of energy that’s been invested into this one episode it would be pretty rude to just have us slide to America or drive off a cliff or something!"


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