Molly Rainford admits people could be voting for ‘anything’

Strictly: Molly Rainford explains why she chose the rumba dance

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Singer Molly, 22, has faced being in the bottom two four times despite consistently receiving positive feedback and scoring from the judges for her performances. Speaking to and other media, Molly reflected on her experience on Strictly Come Dancing and gave her view about the way in which the public vote.

Molly and her partner Carol Gu have managed to make the final of Strictly this weekend.

The two were especially delighted as they found themselves at risk of being eliminated a few times.

When asked for her thoughts on being in the dance-off so often, Molly remarked: “I feel like the beauty of the show is that there are people from all different types of careers in this world.

“And everyone kind of starts with zero. And I feel like I’ve had such a great teacher.

“And he [Carlos] really does play to my strengths and tries to make me look as good as possible out there.

“But you just never know what people are voting for really.

“And I think again, that’s what makes the show so cool because it was really down to what the public thinks.”

She continued: “They might love your dress that week.

“You know, they might love the song choice. They might particularly like Quickstepsor whatever it is.

“And I think that’s so cool about the show because it really means that anyone can do anything.”

Molly detailed how it would feel to win the series, explaining it would be “incredible”.

“It would be absolutely incredible to win the show,” she began.

“I mean, considering the journey that we have had to get here.

“We are so grateful for everyone that supported but also, you know it would show everyone at home that no matter how we got here, you can really do anything.

“To go through that many dance-offs and win the show would be such a moment.

“It just shows that hard work and passion and a good partnership definitely just pays off.

“But, you know, I’m still just so grateful to be here.”

Professional dancer Carlos has enjoyed his journey in this series too, with it being his first-ever Strictly stint.

Acknowledging how he has made it to the final on his first-ever show, he stated: “This is everything that I wanted and more.

“And I’m so lucky that literally in my first year I got a partner and I’m in the final! What a life!”

Strictly Come Dancing continues with the final on Saturday at 7.05pm on BBC One.

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