Labour MP filmed ‘sprinting’ away from GB News cameras after Starmer probe

Dan Wootton clashes with Benjamin Butterworth over Boris Johnson

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The Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton was probed on whether Starmer was more focused on the Government’s Partygate scandal than the cost of living crisis by Dan Wootton’s GB News team on Wednesday. Rather than answering the question, Huq decided to run away down the street. Wootton branded the MP a wuss for sprinting from the cameras.

Speaking after the incident, Wootton exclaimed: “Labour MPs literally running away from addressing their own civil war.

“Come on, we have to take another look at that snivelling little wuss again, that’s Doctor Rupa Huq Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton sprinting from the GB News cameras.”

The clip was played again and saw Huq running down the road to avoid speaking to the GB News team.

More to follow…

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