All you need to know about Spencer Dutton in 1923

1923: Official trailer starring Harrison Ford

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Yellowstone fans were excited to see the new prequel 1923 arrive on Paramount with a brand-new cast. The series is set during the Prohibition and Great Depression, with Montana facing the aftermath of the First World War. has all you need to know about Spencer Dutton (played by Brandon Sklenar).

Who is Spencer Dutton in 1923?

The 1923 premiere took viewers on a trip across the world as Spencer Dutton was seen hunting wild cats in Africa.

Having witnessed the horrors of the First World War, he is experiencing post-traumatic stress.

Viewers saw him hunting lions and cheetahs, protecting a British group who were camping in the area.

He appears to spend most of his life travelling, never settling down anywhere for reasons yet to be discovered.

His aunt Cara (Helen Mirren) writes to him regularly as she misses him dearly on the ranch.

Spencer is Jacob’s (Harrison Ford) nephew and the brother of John Dutton Senior (James Badge Dale).

Although his family wishes he would return to the ranch, he does not appear to share the same yearning to be with his family.

He appears to feel a sense of purpose in his new role, despite the fact it brings back harrowing memories.

His skills on the battlefield could not prepare him for the moment he saw a cheetah killing and feeding on a woman he had been speaking to at dinner.

Viewers will have to wait and see whether Spencer makes the trip home to Montana in future episodes.

The character is played by Brandon Sklenar, an American actor best known for his roles in Midway, Mapplethorpe and Vice.

In terms of his TV work, the star may be recognised for New Girl and Westworld.

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1923 marks the first TV series in which he has a recurring role as one of the main stars.

Viewers are waiting to see whether Spencer was killed by a wild cat after he failed to realise there had been two hunting in the area.

After shooting one of the animals, he was targeted in a surprise attack by a second cheetah.

The actor was born and raised in northern New Jersey, with his father being a carpenter and his mother a hairdresser.

After developing a fierce love for film and music, he decided to pursue a career as an actor and filmmaker at a young age.

One of his first roles was in the film Cornered in 2011, in which he played a club patron.

He has since gone on to land lead roles in some major films, such as Jonesin’ and Indigo Valley.

As for his personal life, he tends to keep his home life and relationships private.

1923 airs on Sundays and Mondays on Paramount Plus

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