We pour Coke over Apple’s £1049 iPhone 11 Pro to see what happens

Apple's new iPhone 11 models go on sale tomorrow, boasting new cameras, a new glass design with improved water resistance, and a longer battery life.

Apple is releasing three new models in total – a 6.1-inch model called the iPhone 11, a 5.8-inch model called the iPhone 11 Pro, and a 6.5-inch model called the 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 is the natural successor to the iPhone XR, featuring an LCD display, dual-lens camera system and a range of colourful finishes.

Meanwhile, Apple describes the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max as its most powerful and advanced smartphones ever, featuring OLED screens, triple-lens cameras and a new frosted glass design.

We got our hands on a model of the iPhone 11 Pro in the new "midnight green" shade to try out ahead of the launch – so naturally we decided to pour Coke over it.

The iPhone 11 Pro is IP68 rated, which means it can resist water to a depth of 4 metres for up to 30 minutes, and is protected against everyday spills including coffee and fizzy drinks.

Check out the video above to see what happens when we dunk the new iPhone in Diet Coke, and then run it under the tap to clean it off.

On a more serious note, the iPhone 11 Pro's triple-lens camera is quite remarkable.

It has one wide lens, one ultra-wide lens, which can capture four times more of the scene, and one telephoto lens, which is ideal for close-up shots.

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