UK users fear Amazon Prime subscription price hike after US costs go up

Prices of Amazon Prime subscriptions have risen in the US as Brits weigh up rising bills against a streaming service that keeps us coming back for more.

The addictive world of Prime's quick delivery and shows like Clarkson's Farm and Reacher could be under threat in the future if subscriptions increase by a large amount.

The rise in prices for Prime subscriptions in the US means that UK users are now worrying their subscription will now go up, too.

Any increase would not be great timing for people in the UK. The country is facing a cost of living crisis due to inflation, an increase in National Insurance tax and an astronomical energy bill price hike.

Amazon's CEO Andy Jaddy said that the US subscription hike was in place as they faced inflation problems of their own, as well as labour shortages.

Nobody wants the source of joy, that is sitting down and watching your favourite shows, to be taken away from them, while Prime also provides useful delivery perks on products bought from the global firm.

So, will Amazon Prime price increase in the UK following rise in US subscriptions costs?

Will Amazon Prime subscription prices go up in the UK?

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Nothing has been confirmed either way, in regards to Amazon Prime's UK subscriptions. Currently, subscription price changes only apply to the US.

They have technically ruled out an increase in price, but have said that this is under "contact review".

Amazon said: "The price change only applies to the US. We keep this under constant review, but have nothing to announce at this time."

What is included in Amazon Prime UK?

Amazon Prime customers get a whole range of perks included in their subscription.

Prime doesn't just apply to the streaming service but gives people advantages on deliveries, videos and photos, music, books, gaming and household items being delivered rapidly.

There are also benefits for students and parents.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Early access to download a book every month
  • 'Try before you buy' service on Prime Wardobe
  • Same-day grocery delivery and unlimited one-day delivery to UK addresses on millions of eligible items

You can see a full list of Amazon Prime benefits, here.

Can you get Amazon Prime free for life

Some crafty people think they can get Prime free for life by opening up a new email account and signing up for a free-trial service.

However, this is unlikely to work for long as card details are needed for each sign-up with duplicate cards likely to be flagged and rejected.

If you would rather do it by the book then Amazon Prime is £79 per year as a one-off payment, or the whole service can be bought for £7.99 per month. If you are a customer that wants just Prime Video, then you must part with £5.99 per month.

US customers will now have to pay the equivalent of around £11 every month.

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