LG Develops Transparent 55-Inch OLED Display that Doubles as a Partition

LG has developed a transparent 55-inch OLED display that doubles as a partition. A hygienic solution to counteract the spread of COVID-19.

The technology will be featured in CES 2021 (International Consumer Electronics Show). It was designed to act as a partition for restaurants, where hygiene has been a major concern. Besides acting as a screen to block COVID-19, it can also be used as a menu. Sources have suggested that the display will be particularly useful at sushi restaurants where consumers will be able to see the food being put in front of them while ordering their favorites, without having to speak over the screen. The display can also be used in smart homes as TVs, and in subway trains as windows.

Scroll through the photos above for a look at early renderings of the concept technology.

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