Galaxy S10 could look like an absolute bargain compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S20

We’re now just a few weeks away from Samsung’s next big smartphone announcement, with most tipsters convinced it will be called the Galaxy S20. Although some had expected the next-generation flagship to be branded S11 – it is the successor to the Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S10 after all – it seems Samsung is set on switching things up with its latest release.

The Seoul-based company’s Galaxy S20 will get its grand unveiling on February 11 and is likely to be packed with new features and shiny upgrades like a 120hz display, bigger battery, and more rear cameras.

Of course, this all sounds pretty exciting, but there is one thing that fans should be aware of as prices for the S20 could make the current Galaxy S10 range look like an absolute bargain.

With the S10 now almost a year old, the price of this handset has taken a tumble, with some retailers now selling the standard 128GB model for just £699. That’s an enticing price, something that can’t be said of the S20.

According to the most recent leak around the new Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S20 range will cost between €900 – €1000, that’s a starting price of £850 based on the current exchange rate.

What’s more, things get even more expensive if you want the bigger and better Galaxy S20 model. It’s widely believed that Samsung will launch a Galaxy S20 Plus (expected price €1,100) and a Galaxy 20 Ultra (expected price €1,300) to top-off the costly range.


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So, why are these phone so much more than previous Galaxy devices? Well, that extra money could all be down to 5G. This is the next generation of smartphone speeds with 5G-ready gadgets able to access the web at a much quicker rate than current 4G.

Not only that, but 5G smartphones (provided you’re running on a 5G network, like those available from EE, Vodafone or Three) don’t slow down to a crawl in crowded areas, like festivals, gigs, or sporting events.

All of the prices listed above are for the 5G variants of the Galaxy S20, which means all will be able to download files at over 300Mbps when away from fixed-line broadband. There’s no word on whether Samsung will also launch cheaper 4G versions of all of its S20 phones but, if not, then owning a new Galaxy flagship is going to be pretty expensive.

Luckily, there’s not too long until we find out full details with Samsung’s Unpacked event coming live from San Francisco in just two week’s time. will be bringing you live details from the launch with all the news, specs, features and price for the S20.

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