Forget the 3310, Nokia is now building QLED TVs to challenge Samsung and Sony

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The new line-up of QLED TVs, which are set to launch this month, will be priced from £550 for the 43inch model. While the most expensive Nokia 4K QLED TV will cost £1,400, but for that price you’ll get a humongous 70inch set. Nokia isn’t really known for their TVs, and have partnered with Austrian firm Streamview to produce these QLED sets which will offer more competition to leading players like Sony, LG and Samsung. However, at this price, Nokia may struggle to tempt people over – as a Samsung 43inch QLED can be picked up right now for £499, which is cheaper than the equivalent Nokia model.

Samsung 43inch QLED TV

If you’re after a new 4K TV then Samsung is probably one of the first names you think of. And if you’ve been thinking of buying a 4K TV for years then now is the perfect time to do so, with prices dropping drastically since these type of tellies first debuted. A case in point is Samsung’s QLED range (which offers a step in quality of LED TVs) with prices starting from £499

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