An 11-Hour Plane Ride Ended With An Extra Passenger When a Mom Gave Birth Mid-Flight

Despite a mother’s best intentions, giving birth doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, having a baby can cause you to lose too much blood or surprises you with twins. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes to traditional birth plans as well. But one mom had a truly wild birth experience that she was definitely not expecting: she gave birth on an 11-hour United Airlines flight from Ghana to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 30!

Halfway across the Atlantic Ocean, a mom — who was expecting a baby due at the end of February — started having contractions. The flight attendants called for health care professionals, so Dr. Stephen Ansah-Addo, a Ghana doctor and a dermatology resident at the University of Michigan, rushed over to help. He was joined by a flight attendant who was a former nurse and a nurse from Ohio. They transformed the area behind business class into a tiny labor and delivery room, adding blankets and towels. “I couldn’t believe it was happening,” Dr. Ansah-Addo told ABC News. “But I was trying to stay calm.”

After just an hour, a healthy baby boy was born. “This is the reason why you go into medicine, to help people,” Dr. Ansah-Addo added. “This is someone that really needed help because there was nobody else there. This is the kind of medicine where you can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Journalist Nancy Adobea Anane posted a video of the new mom and baby on Sunday morning, with the caption: “On board @united Flight UA 977 today, a lovely baby boy was born. The baby Who was due late February decided to arrive 34,000 ft above [sea] level.” She added, “With assistance from the whole United crew, a bouncy baby boy was delivered 2 hours to landing.”

Also in the caption, Adobea Anane wrote that the flight was met on arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport by paramedics and the baby and mom are currently under medical care.

A spokesperson for United Airlines told Insider, “Our crew was amazing — they acted quickly, assisted the medical professionals onboard, and ensured everyone stayed safe throughout the flight.”

Later, the spokesperson added, “We were especially thrilled to see the plane land with one extra, especially beautiful, customer aboard.”

Can you imagine giving birth mid-air? This is definitely an experience this mom will never forget! Here’s hoping the baby and his amazing mama will at least get a free flight out of the ordeal!

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