Chrome alert: Google warns Windows 10 users of security threat

Microsoft’s new version of Edge – that launched last month – is far from an incremental upgrade. Not only did the Redmond tech giant slap a fresh coat of paint on the client, it also overhauled its core architecture.

While the new version of Edge is obtainable on macOS, Android and iOS, you’re most likely giving it a try if you’re using Windows 10 – where it’s the go-to browser by default.

The new version of Edge is built using Chromium, the same foundational code leveraged by Google Chrome. That means the browser is snappier and better supported by the web’s constellation of sites and content.


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That also means if you’re using the revamped version of Edge, you’re able to head to the Chrome Web Store and download the same suite of extensions on offer for the Google browser… so we thought at least.

First spotted by Windows Latest, it seems Edge users that head to the Chrome Web Store are being presented with a warning that suggests extensions aren’t as secure if you’re using the Microsoft client.

It reads: “Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions securely.”

Below the warning, users a presented with a link that whisks them away to a download page for Google Chrome.

Of course, the warning in question doesn’t prevent Edge users from downloading and using the range of extensions available on the Chrome Web Store, but it certainly seems designed to get Windows 10 users second-guessing their browser preference.

At this time, it doesn’t appear like Google is substantiating its claims with any evidence proving Microsoft’s new Edge can use Web Store extensions less securely.

We’re not so convinced of the new warning at, primarily because the new Edge is built on the same fundamental code as Chrome. Additionally, Edge users haven’t prominently reported any security issues with using extensions on the browser, leading us to believe the experience and functionality is exactly the same.

As noted by TechRadar, it’s certainly possible Google is slightly worried Microsoft’s new Edge has the potential to weaken Chrome’s dominant browser market share.

Of course, both our theory and that from TechRadar is merely speculation.

If you still haven’t tried the new version of Edge, you can do so by heading to the Microsoft Edge site and clicking on the large “download” button in the centre of the page. This’ll work if you’re running Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or macOS.

To get Edge for iOS and Android, you’ll have to head to the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. On all versions you’re able to log-in to your Microsoft account so all your favourites, passwords and everything else in-between is instantly accessible.

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