Oscar De La Hoya strips naked to show off abs that stunned boxing fans after admitting he 'got help from a doctor' | The Sun

OSCAR DE LA HOYA stripped naked to show off his abs and leave fans stunned.

That’s after admitting he had “help from a doctor” to achieve his ripped physique.

The boxing legend celebrated turning 50 by revealing his birthday suit in a barely-there photoshoot this week.

De La Hoya struck a pose as he protected his modesty with his Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year belt from 1995.

And 11-time world champ De La Hoya, who retired in 2008 with a 39-6 record, also proudly showed off his gold medal from the 1992 Olympic Games as he gazed into the camera.

He said: “Golden at 50…no longer a boy. I’ve spent my entire life searching for happiness. But today, on my 50th birthday, I can finally say that I’ve found it.


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“I couldn’t feel any prouder of who am I am and where I’m at in life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would make it to 40, let alone 50. There have been so many tough times.

“But the older I get, the happier I become. The best is ahead and I’m finally excited to freely live it MY way.”

The former gloveman also took time out to recreate Muhammad Ali’s famous Sports Illustrated cover, where he posed with a mountain of cash outside a bank vault.

But all fans could talk about were De La Hoya’s abs, which took centre stage in his nude photo.

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One said: “You’ll always be the golden boy.”

Another declared: “How is he still ripped?”

However, others weren’t so keen, with one yelling: “This ain’t it! C’mon put some clothes on.”

Another added: “You still have time to delete this.”

De La Hoya has openly spoken about his abs after they were accused of being fake.

But the boxing ace insists his abs are real despite getting a helping hand from docs who take the surrounding fat out through liposuction.

De La Hoya told the MMA Hour: “They are real, they are my abs. What I did was I got a little bit of help from a doctor.

“It’s called lipo-sculpting-something. I don’t know. They actually go in with a tiny needle and it sucks up your fat in between your abs. So, what happens is, they just pop.

“I’ve always had abs, I worked out every day, so my body fat is low. But when you do the sculpting of the abs, they pop out like there’s no tomorrow.

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“Everybody thinks they’re fake. It’s not possible, first of all, to have fake abs, but if you etch them they just pop like there’s no tomorrow.

“I can gain 200lbs and I’ll still have my abs because once that fat is removed it cannot grow back in that particular area. It’s going to grow somewhere else, behind my f*****g shoulder or something.”

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