Martha Stewart’s must-have product is only £10

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Whether she is hanging out with Snoop Dog or looking flawless while cooking on social media, Martha Stewart is proving that age is just a number at age 81. The business legend has famously stated that she has never had a facelift and does not edit her photographs, but has revealed her secret for looking incredible is her skincare routine.

The star recently left fans in awe with a selfie showing off her incredibly smooth complexion. The businesswoman claimed not to have edited or filtered the flawless image, a fact likely to make other 81-year-olds sick with envy.

Martha Stewart’s facialist has recently spoken with Vogue magazine and disclosed which products the celebrity uses, and some fans are amazed to discover how cheap one of the products is. Carmela Barabas from Mario Badescu has said that one of Martha Stewart’s must-have products is an Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater facial spray that is only $12 on Amazon.

The mist, described as a “cult-favourite”, is designed to revive and hydrate skin to make it look more energized and more youthful. Each ingredient in the product is described as having a different positive effect on skin, as the Bladderwrack (seaweed) extract is there to soften the skin and thyme is there to boost skin clarity.

Other ingredients include rose extract which has been formulated to rejuvenate and Aloe Vera, which soothes and hydrates the skin. Martha Stewart is not the only one who swears by the facial mist as over 44,000 Amazon shoppers have given the product five out of five stars.

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One reviewer who raved about the product said: “I use it as a toner, a makeup setting spray, and just to refresh my skin throughout the day. The aloe in the formula is great for calming and soothing any irritation or redness on the skin.”

Another enthusiastic five-star reviewer said they had been using the facial mist for over five years, and said: “I have sensitive skin that easily gets flushed so this simple combo of cold water and the spray really calms my skin before applying my moisturizer for the day or night. Highly recommend this product forever!”

Other celebrities have also spoken out about their love for the facial mist, including supermodel Bella Hadid and Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner. On Tiktok, Bella Hadid excitedly showed off the product after she revealed that Mario Badescu had sent her a skincare package before she was scheduled to travel.

She wrote: “Guys! How did I get so lucky!” before saying that the products were her favourite. While speaking to People Magazine, Kylie Jenner said the mist was “really bomb.” She said: “I like to take it on vacation and stuff like that because it keeps me moisturized.”

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Martha Stewart’s facialist also detailed a number of essential rules to help prevent ageing. They are:

  • Wear sunscreen every day
  • Use a customised skincare routine to care for skin
  • Have a facial every four to six weeks
  • Adapt skincare to the seasons to care for skin
  • Don’t ignore the neck, chest, or lip area
  • Don’t pick or squeeze blemishes
  • Don’t use topical prescription creams with over-the-counter acne products
  • Always take your make-up off before bed
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