Mark Cuban tried signing Michael Jordan to Mavericks the first time they met

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban admitted he took a shot at luring Michael Jordan to play for him in Dallas when Jordan made his second NBA comeback in 2001.

Speaking on WFAN’s “Moose and Maggie” Wednesday, Cuban, who bought the Mavericks in January 2000, said he “absolutely” kicked around the idea of bringing MJ to Dallas when rumors started to brew that the GOAT was making a return to the league in 2001.

“[Jordan’s agent] David Falk calls me up and says, ‘I want to meet you, you just bought a team and I represent all these great players, so we should talk.’ And I’m like, ‘Great.’ [He says], ‘Oh by the way, this is the day Michael Jordan is going to be in town, why don’t you come and we’ll all meet?’” Cuban, 61, recalled. “I’m like, ‘Awesome, yeah, absolutely,’ I had never met MJ at that point. So I’m like, ‘Of course I will.’ I drop everything and I go and there’s MJ in David Falk’s office with all this paperwork in front of him and I had read all the rumors and everything.

“I’m like, ‘Don’t sign it. Don’t sign it. Come to the Mavs and we’ll be aggressive, I’ll do whatever it takes to win.’ And he was like, ‘Dude, A, I don’t really know you but B, I gave my word.’ And to his credit, he stuck by his word and that’s when he signed with the Wizards.”

Cuban went on to express how much he enjoyed watching ESPN’s 10-part documentary series “The Last Dance,” because he had never seen that side of Jordan before.

After two average seasons for the Wizards, Jordan would go on to became part-owner and head of basketball operations for the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) in 2006. He bought controlling interest in 2010.

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