Leeds TV star Emma Louise Jones sent penis picture three hours into lockdown and says 'it's going to be long six weeks'

LEEDS TV host Emma Louise Jones fears a 'long six weeks' after she was sent a penis picture just three hours into the UK's latest coronavirus lockdown.

The presenter, 30, has amassed an army of fans for her work at Leeds since 2017 and shot onto the national scene during England's 2018 World Cup warm-up clash against Costa Rica.

But alongside the perks of fame, there are also some pretty horrific pitfalls.

And Jones was reminded of that on Monday night after the nation was plunged into its third full lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jones took to Twitter to reveal she was sent an 'unsolicited picture of a penis' just three hours after Boris Johnson's announcement.

Addressing her 235,900 followers, she wrote: "Managed to get 3 hours in to lockdown before being sent an unsolicited picture of a penis on social media.

"This is gonna be a long 6 weeks…"

Earlier that very same DAY, Jones had shared a message of hope for 2021.

She tweeted: "I know for a lot of people it’s the first day back at work today.

"We saw a lot of kindness to each other in 2020.

"Try being as kind to yourself as you are to others.

"Speak to yourself the way you speak to your best friend.

"You deserve that kindness too. Have a good one!"


But just hours after her positive post, the UK was placed under another lockdown.

With an aggressive mutation of the coronavirus hitting our shores, cases and deaths have risen sharply.

A huge number of football clubs across the country have been affected, including Manchester City and Fulham.

Despite the risk of further infections, the Government confirmed elite sport will continue despite the nation going into a third lockdown.

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