European Super League LIVE REACTION: Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool confirm involvement as UEFA boss Ceferin SLAMS Woodward

ARSENAL, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United have CONFIRMED their plans to join a European Super League.

The tournament would be held throughout the season and would make the clubs even richer than they already are.

Gary Neville did not hold back on TV after Sky Sports discussed the plans live on air while leading football organisations including the Premier League have told clubs traditional competition is best for English football.

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  • Jack Figg


    Bruno Fernandes has become the first ‘Big Six’ player to break his silence on the much-maligned European Super League.

    Premier League chiefs are furious at the Red Devils, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham for pressing ahead with the £4.6BILLION breakaway plan, which was confirmed last night.

    Now Fernandes has offered his thoughts on the matter as he shared an Instagram post from fellow Portuguese ace Daniel Podence in which the Wolves star appeared to condemn the proposal.

    Podence's post said: “The ball. The song. The dream. The Zidane's volley… Kaka's solo… Liverpool in Athens… Ole in Barcelona… Cris and Seedorf… There some (sic) things we just can't really pay for.”

    Fernandes replied: “Enorme (enormous).”

    The United attacker then shared the post to his own Instagram Story, and included the text: “Dreams can't be [bought].”

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    $UP£R L£AGU£

    European Super League was axed as Tottenham boss after a players’ revolt.

    The Special One’s 17-month reign in charge at Spurs came to an end when he was sacked this morning – just six days before they face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup Final at Wembley.

    The move was hit by an epic backlash from players, pundits and fans alike.

    But the founding members – 15 when all is said and done – will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Last season, Bayern Munich pocketed around £71million in prize money for lifting the Champions League.

    However, all 20 teams set to take part in the inaugural European Super League are set to earn a minimum of £285m each, according to the New York Times.

    That's over four times MORE than the 2020 Champions League winners simply for signing up.

    Clubs joining the proposed tournament could earn up to £310m as an initial 'golden hello.

    They will then rake in a minimum of £130m each season from their share of a £3.1billion total pot.

  • Jack Figg


    Super League rebels have threatened to sue Fifa AND Uefa if they try to ban the clubs from setting up their breakaway competition.

    Uefa’s response to news of the proposed new self-elected elite was to raise the prospect of the 12 clubs – including all of the Prem Big Six – and their players being unable to play in any national or international competitions.

    Premier League chief executive Richard Masters and the FA were co-signatories to that letter.

    In the letter both insisted permission would not be granted by English football chiefs for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and the two Manchester giants to take part.

    But the clubs responded with a joint letter of their own – sent to Fifa President Gianni Infantino and Uefa counterpart Aleksander Ceferin.

    In it they revealed they had already engaged lawyers to fight their corner.

  • Kostas Lianos


    Fabrizio Romano reports that UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has confirmed that players who participate in the European Super League will be banned from the World Cup and Euros.

    That means anyone from the Premier League's "big six" that could break away won't be allowed to be part of their national teams.

    There had been rumours of potential sanctions towards the teams involved with the proposed format, which Ceferin described as "disgraceful".

    The UEFA President also said the ESL poses as a "spit in the face " of all football fans

  • Kostas Lianos


    UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin described the proposed European Super League as "disgraceful".

    Ceferin also said the ESL poses as a "spit in the face" for all football fans.

    The UEFA President said: "I cannot stress more strongly UEFA and the footballing world are united against the disgraceful, self-serving proposals we have seen, fuelled purely by greed. It’s a nonsense of a project.

    "This idea is a spit in the face for all football lovers and our society. We will not allow them to take this away from us"

  • George Moore

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    The Premier League are going to hold a meeting with 14 clubs on Tuesday morning.

    That means the "big six", which is Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, who are involved in the proposed European Super League project won't be included.

    The representatives involved will discuss the ongoing situation and the next steps.

    The meeting will be chaired by Premier League CEO Richard Masters

  • Kostas Lianos


    UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has strongly criticised Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward as well as Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli following the European Super League announcement.

    Ceferin said: "I was a criminal lawyer for 24 years but I’ve never, ever, seen people like that.

    "If I start with Ed Woodward, he called me last Thursday, saying that he’s very satisfied with reforms and he fully supports them. Obviously, he already signed something else.

    "Andrea Agnelli is the biggest disappointment of all. I’ve never seen a person lie so many times as he did, it was unbelievable"

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    The Manchester United Supporters' Trust responded to the club's involvement in the European Super League project.

    United have been granted the title of "founding club" along with five other Premier League teams, which are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham.

    The Trust, though, is completely opposed to the proposed competition as they described it as "unacceptable" and a "betrayal".

    Here's the statement they released:

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    Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has endorsed a post by fellow countryman and Wolves ace Daniel Podence that appears to criticise the European Super League.

    Podence shared an image on Instagram that shows him celebrating a Champions League goal with his former team Olympiacos last season.

    The Portugal international shared the photo with the following caption: “The Ball. The Song. The Dream. The Zidane’s volley… Kaka’s Solo… Liverpool In Athens… Ole in Barcelona… Cris and Seedorf … There some things we just can’t really pay for it.”

    Fernandes shared that post as a story on his own account with some “clapping” emojis and a caption that read: “Dreams can’t be buy”

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    Arsenal and Leicester legend Alan Smith took to Twitter following the latest developments regarding the European Super League.

    Smith didn't hold back as he said he feels "sick to the stomach" and expressed his deep concerns about the future of the game.

    He tweeted: "Just feel sick to the stomach this morning. And depressed.

    "And extremely worried for the future of our game"

  • Kostas Lianos


    Chelsea are among the teams that hold the title of "founding club" of the European Super League.

    Blues boss Thomas Tuchel addressed his club's involvement in the ESL by saying he "trusts" the hierarchy to make the right decisions.

    Tuchel told ESPN's James Olley: "I trust my club to make the right decisions. It is too early to judge everything and it is not my part.

    "On my badge, it says everybody has to play their role and my role is coach"

  • Kostas Lianos


    Sky Sports News have shared some explosive backstage info regarding the European Super League.

    The report includes a statement by an unnamed board member at one of the six Premier League clubs that are breaking away.

    They said: "There are several board members at the six clubs who are opposed to joining the new league but they feel they do not have the power to stop it."

    They added that the owners were fully expecting a backlash: “To be honest, they are not that worried about PR” as "the wider good of the game is a secondary concern."

    The unnamed board member also said the owners would be secretly delighted with their players being banned from the Euros and World Cup as “they don’t like giving their playing assets away to countries for very little financial reward".

    And finally, they stated: “This is not a civil war, it’s a nuclear war”

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    Porto president Pinto da Costa confirmed he rejected an offer to join the European Super League following rumours suggesting the Portuguese giants could be one of the additional three "Founding Clubs".

    The Dragons are now the fourth club to reject the ESL after Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Paris St-Germain.

    Da Costa said: "There were informal contacts from some clubs, but we didn't pay much attention for two reasons. The first is that the European Union does not allow a closed circuit of events like in the NBA, for example. 

    "As the Portuguese Football Federation is against this, and as part of UEFA, we cannot participate in anything that is against the principles and rules of the European Union and UEFA.

    "If that goes forward, something that I have a lot of doubts about, UEFA will not end and it is certain that they will continue to have evidence. It must be recognized that the events organized by UEFA are the official events. 

    "We are not concerned with being or not, we are in the Champions League and we hope to continue to be for many years"

  • Kostas Lianos


    The League Managers Association (LMA) believes the European Super League would have a “catastrophically destabilising” effect on the sport

    A statement from the LMA read: “We believe that any such league would be catastrophically destabilising to the entire European football pyramid, with deep and far-reaching consequences.

    “Closing off the top of the pyramid of European club football would immediately extinguish many of the ambitions and dreams that drive managers, coaches, players and fans.

    “Club owners are custodians of the clubs they lead and they have a duty and responsibility to the integrity of the game that should always take precedence over self-interest and financial gain. Now more than ever, as the game looks to face the challenges of re-emerging from the COVID pandemic, it needs to be unified, working to the principles of cooperation and solidarity.

    “We will support the game’s stakeholders in taking any appropriate measures required and we urge those leading the clubs responsible for the European Super League proposals to fundamentally reconsider their position and act in the best interests of the whole game”

  • Kostas Lianos


    Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee Chair Julian Knight described the European Super League development as a “dark day for football”.

    Knight said: “This is a dark day for football – a deal done behind closed doors apparently with no regard for supporters.

    “Though this idea was mooted several months ago, what’s shocking is the speed at which this breakaway league has been announced.

    “What’s needed is a fan-led review of football with real teeth and here we have more evidence to strengthen the case for it.

    “Football needs a reset, but this is not the way to do it. The interests of community clubs must be put at the heart of any future plans.

    “We, the Committee, will be discussing this when we meet tomorrow in a private session”

  • Kostas Lianos


    Paris St-Germain star Ander Herrera took to Twitter condemning the European Super League project.

    Former Manchester United ace Herrera broke his silence and claimed that this is a case of ” the rich stealing what the people created”.

    Reports suggest that the star midfielder’s current club were invited to be part of the format but turned them down.

    It is also claimed that the PSG hierarchy believe that it would be disrespectful to join a top competition that would be exclusive for the richest clubs

  • Kostas Lianos


    Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has been highly critical of the European Super League project.

    Carragher also didn't hold back on his former club's decision to participate in this initiative.

    The former star defender described the Reds' involvement as an "embarrassment".

    The footballer-turned-pundit also claimed all the greats from the past that paved the way for people like him would be very disappointed

  • Kostas Lianos


    Tottenham great Gary Lineker took to Twitter following Jose Mourinho’s exit from north London.

    Lineker combined the news with the ongoing developments regarding the European Super League.

    Spurs are among the teams that have joined the controversial format and have even been given the title of “founding club”.

    And the Match of the Day host decided to add some humour to this situation

  • George Moore

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    Tottenham are set to look for Jose Mourinho’s permanent replacement.

    Spurs announced that Mourinho has left the club along with his coaching staff.

    The north Londoners also confirmed that former club player Ryan Mason will take first team training until further notice.

    Mason spent eight years at Tottenham and amassed a total of 70 appearances across all competitions until he left for Hull in 2016 and was forced to retire two years later due to a head injury at the age of 26

  • Kostas Lianos


    Tottenham have confirmed that Jose Mourinho has been removed as manager

    Mourinho will be exiting Spurs along with his coaching staff Joao Sacramento, Nuno Santos, Carlos Lalin and Giovanni Cerra.

    Chairman Daniel Levy said: “Jose and his coaching staff have been with us through some of our most challenging times as a Club. Jose is a true professional who showed enormous resilience during the pandemic.

    “On a personal level I have enjoyed working with him and regret that things have not worked out as we both had envisaged.

    “He will always be welcome here and we should like to thank him and his coaching staff for their contribution”

  • Kostas Lianos


    Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has joined an ever-growing list of football greats condemning the European Super League project calling it a “war on football”.

    Ferdinand told BT Sport: “This is, for me, a war on football. It’s a disgrace, it’s embarrassing and goes against everything football is about.

    “It’s a closed shop for these bigwigs and it’s completely and utterly only about one thing and that’s money. The rich getting richer and the others not even being considered.

    “How they’ve got the audacity to do it in the climate we’re in at the moment… the pandemic around the world. People are struggling all over the world, and this lot…colluding with this idea that they’ve hatched – and to break it like this.

    “The element of being anti-competitive goes against everything football is about. It screams [that] these people have no idea what football’s about. It’s purely a business transaction. The people who make this game special are not being considered”

  • Kostas Lianos


    Legendary Manchester United captain Roy Keane is also against the European Super League project as he claims it comes down to “greed”.

    Keane told Sky Sports: “I think it comes down to money, greed.

    “Let’s hope it’s stopped in its tracks because I think it’s just pure greed.

    “We talk about big clubs, Bayern Munich are one of the biggest clubs in the world. At least they’ve made a stance, which is a good start”

  • Kostas Lianos


    Borussia Dortmund are opposed to the European Super League format.

    Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke said: "The members of the board of the European Club Association (ECA) got together for a virtual conference on Sunday evening and confirmed that the board decision of last Friday is still valid.

    "This decision means that the clubs want to implement the planned reform of the UEFA Champions League. It was the clear opinion of the members of the ECA board that the plans to found a Super League were rejected."

    Watzke added that "both German clubs that are represented on the ECA Board, FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, represented 100 per cent congruent views in all discussions"

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