Woman freaks out after finding ‘hangman’ drawings inside kitchen cupboard hole

A woman has turned to TikTok for help when she discovered a creepy drawing stuck underneath her kitchen cupboard.

Angelica said she discovered a small opening right under the kitchen unit while she and her boyfriend were looking for her new kitten in the house.

Little did she know that it led to a discovery adventure, she removed the tabletop to find out more about the drawing.

In the videos she shared on her TikTok account @anxiousweenie69, Angelica says the hole is only about the size of her palm.

She turns on the camera flash and zooms in, saying: "There is a picture and I don't know what the hell does that mean.

"Now that my cat discovered the hole, she doesn't want to leave. The picture is still in there, oh my God she is looking at it."

The terrified woman starts googling "rune symbols" in hope to find an answer to the mysterious pattern drawn on the paper.

She scrolls through the search page but couldn't find anything close to it.

Some viewers suggested it could be a children's drawing but Angelica said it is not possible for a small child to pass through the hole.

"There's no way a kid could reach back there, not even our hands," she adds.

The couple decides to burn the paper, so they remove their stove in order to take the paper off the wall.

And to their surprise, they find another hole behind the paper.

"This made everything way creepier, we don't know what's hiding back there," Angelica says.

"So the hole is connected to our bathroom, what you're seeing is our bathtub.

"We ended up finding a 7-11 cup that looked like it's from 1993 and also a random piece of cardboard."

The pair burned the paper at the end.

Some viewers were convinced that the piece of paper was "meant to protect" the family.

One said: "It was sealing away the bad omens! And now you have nothing warding off the evil spirits."

A second wrote: "I don't know but I don't have a good feeling about this."

But others believed it's just a silly drawing by the children.

"It's literally a kid's drawing," a viewer commented. "The previous owners probably just used it to cover the hole."

Another added: "Maybe the child saw the hold and tried to help by covering with the drawing."

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