Rampaging raccoons wreak havoc on terrified school – even falling from ceiling

A high school in Texas is under siege from a gang of adorable menaces.

A group of raccoons have been causing mayhem at McCallum High School in Austin – and one of the “trash pandas” even fell through a classroom ceiling – narrowly missing a terrified student.

“It was scared, it was running around and everything… what if it bit her? what if it had rabies?” said Morgan Eye who is a journalism student at the school.

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Fellow-student Noah Braun told local news station KXAN that students even found a dead raccoon trapped in the walls: “It was rotting,” he said. “Its corpse was rotting and it was spreading its smell everywhere”

Another student, Max Davis, said pupils have been sharing dozens of videos and pictures of the the raccoons plaguing the school.

“There was a raccoon that ran out of a bathroom and when it saw people it ran the other way,” said Davis.

"Can we change our mascot to raccoons?” suggested one student on a Facebook group discussing the problem, while another asked: ”how has the school not been sued yet?”

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Noah says the problem is nothing new: “There are articles you can find from the 90s, from the early 2000’s and even the 2010s talking about this,” he said.

The school principal released a statement about the raccoon infestation, which read: “We understand that having raccoons on school grounds can be worrying for parents, and we take this matter seriously.

“I want to assure you that we are taking steps to address the issue in a humane and effective manner.

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“We have contacted our Pest Management Department, a professional wildlife removal specialist, and they have already started working to prevent them from coming into the building with exclusion work, as well as setting humane traps for any others that we may not know about.

“The team will safely remove the raccoons from the school grounds and will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the problem is fully resolved.”


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