Psycho seagulls mysteriously vanish from seaside resort – and locals ‘miss’ them

Psycho seagulls have vanished from a seaside resort – and now locals are missing them.

Locals and visitors in Barmouth have been used to flocks of squawking birds taking aim at ice creams and chips.

But the seaside town in Gwynedd, northwest Wales has fallen silent.

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Barmouth Publicity Association announced on social media: “The sound of the seaside is missing.”

It blames the recent outbreak of bird flu nearby.

Last month, a 3km Protection Zone was imposed on premises containing chickens and ducks that encompasses the outskirts of Barmouth.

Hundreds of thousands of British sea birds have fallen to victims of bird flu this year and in recent weeks dead birds have been reported in growing numbers along the Gwynedd coast.

Residents in other towns along the Gwynedd coast also claim their gulls have mysteriously disappeared.

One local, said: “None by my house in Tywyn, usually have at least 20 flying around but only seen one.”

Another added: “Same here. It’s a haven of peace right now.

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A visitor touring Barmouth, Harlech and Abersoch said he “didn’t hear one gull” on his travels.

For many, it’s a disquieting experience. “So strange not seeing or hearing them or them waking me up at dawn,” said a resident.

Another said crows, rooks and other songbirds seem to be thriving and are “moving in on gull territory”.

She added: “Last week there were a few seagulls here this week none.

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“It is quite eerie being by the sea and not hearing them.”

Some suspect that the paucity of gulls along the Gwynedd coast just reflects annual migrations.

“The gulls have moved in-land for easier pickings from town centre takeaways and rubbish-strewn pavements,” said one.

Another agreed, saying gulls typically followed food availability.

“They migrated inland during Covid looking for food sources when seasides were empty.”


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