People thought X-rated Benidorm star Sticky Vicky was ‘myth’ amid well wishes

Messages of support have been pouring in for X-rated Benidorm performer Sticky Vicky after she was hospitalised following a horror fall but many people did not believe she existed.

Among the well wishes, people have been surprised to learn that the icon was not just an "urban myth".

The 79-year-old, real name Victoria Aragues Gadea, injured her knees getting into a car last month. She was discharged from hospital but returned on July 3 suffering pain amid fears of an infection.

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There hasn't been an update since then.

Nothing was off limits in her shows in the Spanish resort. In front of shocked and horrified crowds, Vicky is known to have revealed eggs and sausages from certain parts of her body.

Often punters would watch on as ping pong balls were propelled from certain places by Vicky, who also went by Vicky Layton.

In fact, the legend around the pensioner performer is so great that "Sticky Vicky" has become a term in popular culture associated with an array of out-there sexual acts.

Her shows were also immensely popular, with some six million tourists paying to watch before she hung up her ping pong balls and foodstuffs aged 72 following a cancer diagnosis.

Taking to Twitter today, one person wrote: "I really thought she was an urban myth."

Someone else wrote a few years back: "Honestly thought Sticky Vicky was a myth. Apparently not she's ere tomorrow in the middle of a club."

"Sooooo turns out Sticky Vicky isn't just a urban myth," another person wrote.

A fourth said: "I meant to ask- is that *really* Sticky Vicky? I honestly though she was a myth. Blimey."

On July 3, mum-of-two Vicky took to Facebook to tell fans about her recent health issues.

She wrote: "Hello everyone. First of all, to know that I'm fine, last week I had an accident before I got into the car and I fell to the ground.

"I've spent five days in the hospital.

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"After being discharged and returning home, we are here again today, since it hurts a lot and you have to see if I have an infection.

"I hope not and we can go home today. We will report the evolution. Take care."

It awaits to be seen whether the X-rated legend makes a full recovery.


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