Kesha admits sex with ghost claim was a lie as she says one touched her body

Pop superstar Kesha has confessed she may have bent the truth a little when she said she'd had sex with a ghost in the past.

The singer is most known for her hit songs We R Who We R, Animal and TiK ToK but she’s also previously told some pretty wild stories.

The 35-year-old recording artist previously told host Conan O’Brien that she went “to the bone zone” with a ghost and she even sang about the spooky encounter on the track Supernatural.

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But in a new interview, everything is not what it seems as the mega-star is shedding light on her previous steamy paranormal encounter.

The Kiss ‘n’ Tell star is launching Conjuring Kesha, a new ghost hunting show on Discovery+ and she opened up to E! News, revealing some slight embellishments on her original story.

The star said that when she was once in the state of Texas: “I had something wake me up while I was in bed with my boyfriend at the time, and it was a touch down the body."

And while some would be put off by the appearance of such beings, Kesha was delighted to see the figure.

The Your Love is My Drug singer went onto describe what she saw in clear detail saying: “I woke up and looked at the end of the bed and there was an apparition of a woman,"

She added: "So, full disclosure, I never actually slept with a ghost. But she did wake me up in a very sensual way."

But the pop star revealed that this activity is nothing new for her as she has lived though experiences like this since she was a child, which is why she’s so excited to launch her new project.

The brunette beauty explained: “I’ve been experiencing weird stuff since I was little, I think it’s always been in me to be fascinated by supernatural, paranormal, the unexplainable, the intangible.”

She added: “This new show is like the most absurd, fun, wild, life-changing thing I've ever done in my life, I’ve never been so excited to put something out in the world.”

On each episode of the show Kesha takes companions to different “paranormally charged” locations on the hunt for supernatural activity.

And despite revealing she has previously experienced such encounters, the Los Angeles native admitted she still absolutely gets frightened.

The Die Young star admitted: “Each one both scared the s**t out of me, it scared the s**t out of them."

But despite a few misgivings, the star admits she is still intrigued by the experiences and wants to explore more.

She added: “It has made me think, 'If there are spirits, if there are ghosts, if there are demons, if there's Bigfoot, if there are aliens, if there are Talosians living in a volcano at Mount Shasta underground, what does this mean?' The possibilities are endless."


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