‘Massive primate skull’ found in North American forest sparks Bigfoot frenzy

There is an online frenzy over a potential breakthrough in the hunt for Bigfoot after a "large primate skull" was discovered in a North American forest.

The shocking find was made by Coyote Peterson, an American Youtuber, wildlife educator and host of Animal Planet TV show Coyote Peterson: Brave The Wild.

Taking to Facebook, he posted pictures and explained that he found the skull on a recent expedition in British Columbia, Canada.

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He also seemed concerned that the government may try "to cease our footage" but insisted clips would be uploaded to his YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness, this weekend.

He wrote: "Have kept this secret for several weeks… YES I have the skull, its currently in a secure location awaiting primatologist review. Absolutely unreal… we thought it was a bear skull when we found it, I can 100% guarantee it is not.

"The skull was found partially buried under ground in deep back forest ravine after a massive storm in the Pac Northwest where clearly a bunch of trees and earth were disturbed.

"I’m sure these pics will be taken down… as will probably the video by government or state park officials… but the skull is safe. I don’t know if its what you all think it might be… but I cannot explain finding a primate skull in the Pac Northwest without wondering!"

Some people are convinced that the find proves the existence of Sasquatches. Others are just hopeful.

One person commented on his post: "I think the mystery of Bigfoot is finally solved."

A second said: "What the heck kind of animal is that. Makes me very curious I want to know what it is."

"Could be the remains of a primate that escaped from a local sanctuary.. or its something remarkable," said a third.

However, some people aren't convinced at all.

One wrote: "We’ve cleaned thousands of skulls over the years- skulls found nature cleaned like this one almost always have their teeth fall out. This is not a real skull, so it’s teeth did not fall out."

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"My guess is someone in that area had a pet gorilla illegally and set it loose when it got mean instead of calling authorities because they would get in big trouble for having one," theorised another.

A third said: "Something isn’t right about this post. Smells fishy."


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