If you spot the cheating child in five seconds you could be a riddle master

If you can spot the cheating pupil in such a short time you could be a true master of riddles and brainteasers.

Brainteasers are designed to test not just our eyeshine and observation skills, but also to stretch our brain’s capability and to think outside the box.

Although they’re known for being difficult to solve, they’re also a fun way to boost one’s IQ. Furthermore, they could have long-term health benefits if done often enough.

Did you spot the cheating child? One clue, the answer isn’t necessarily what you think it is.

The obvious candidate is the child in the front row looking over at their classmates’ question paper.

However, this isn’t the cheating child we’re after. Instead, the cheating child is second from the right on the back row. You can see in the image they have written the answers to the questions on their arm.

While this tricky little brainteaser is another test of your observation skills, it could also have long-term health benefits if it and other forms of mental exercise are done often enough.

These exercises contribute to overall brain health and the healthier the brain the less likely someone will develop dementia.

This isn’t to say brainteasers will prevent you from getting dementia, other factors such as lifestyle can play a huge role, but the healthier the brain the lower someone’s risk of the degenerative neurological disease.

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