Your Freeview TV could stop working this weekend, urgent advice issued

If you use Freeview to get your daily fix of entertainment then you might be facing a frustrating weekend. The popular telly firm has announced that it expects some disruption to signals over the next few days due to high pressure hovering over Britain. It basically means that some channels may start to glitch or become completely unwatchable until the situation changes early next week.

“Freeview viewers across parts of the country could see some disruption to their TV reception between Wednesday the 24th and Monday the 29th May,” the television service confirmed. “This is due to high pressure which could disrupt the TV signals which Freeview uses.”

Although losing access to some channels will be highly frustrating, Freeview is urging homes not start trying to retune their screens as it won’t have an impact or fix the problems. All it will do is take the television offline whilst it resets and nothing will change once the screen is updated.

“You are advised not to retune your TV during this time – reception will be restored once the high pressure passes,” Freeview confirmed.

Freeview introduce their new Play streaming service in 2021

If your telly has troubles over the weekend then it might be worth seining if you can access content via Freeview Play instead.

This service uses the internet to beam shows to the big screen and so isn’t affected by weather conditions.

Freeview Play comes included on most modern smart TVs and you’ll find it as part of the app section on your television’s Home Screen.

If your telly doesn’t have this option don’t panic as the Freeview app is also available for mobile and tablet devices.

News of this weather disruption comes as some Freeview users are also facing issues due to the Bilsdale mast in the north of England coming back online.

This vital antenna suffered severe damage during a fire at the site in 2021 and it’s finally ready to be switched bak on again.

During the switchover – which is being managed by a firm called Arqiva – many homes may find they need to retune their set-top devices to keep watching channels and there could be minor disruption as tests are carried out.

Although most users won’t see dramatic disruption to their nightly viewing, a small number could find they lose High Definition (HD) channels altogether.

Full details about the Bilsdale Freeview mast how it will affect your viewing can be found here.

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