Google Maps user spots huge wooden ‘pirate ship’ sailing off the coast of Brazil

Reddit users have been left fascinated by a huge wooden pirate ship that has been spotted off the coast of Brazil on Google Maps.

The screenshot, which was posted to the subreddit r/googlemapsshennanigans by u/Layzusss, shows the alleged "pirate ship" sailing across a perfectly blue ocean in Ilha Das Cabras.

The vessel, with four large masts looking like it should be sailed by Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan, has received over 200 upvotes on the forum since it was found at the coordinates of -26.9868172,-48.6247413 earlier today (March 15).

Now users have been questioning what it could be used for.

One user wrote: "Many beach resorts in Brazil have these pirate-looking ships to carry tourists around islands and nearby beaches."

Another added: "That is real?"

A third user added a link to Get Your Guide for the ship that offers customers the chance to "travel back in time and board a traditional style pirate ship and sail around Balneário bay to one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, Laranjeiras."

The news comes after a curious Reddit user took to the Google Maps subreddit to get help in identifying the purpose of some 'beached ships' they spotted on Russia's northern coast.

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The user known as u/Classic-Opportunity2 wrote: "Beached Ships? Found these north of Russia the other day. No idea what they are, why they're there, or basically anything about them.

"No idea how to even find info about them. If anyone knows anything that could help that'd be great."

The mystery fascinated by the find as they shared their theories for what the purpose of the ships could be which included a cargo ship and a ship used for polar exploration.

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