Elvis alive conspiracy reignites with bizarre footage of ‘The King speaking’

Elvis Presley is alive and well according to conspiracy theorists who have studied this video and quite outrageously claimed the King is heard speaking.

In the clip which has resurfaced following Elvis' 85th birthday last week, TV host Larry King can be seen wearing a bright red shirt and braces as he reintroduces Priscilla Presley after an advert break during CNN's Live From Graceland event in 2007.

But a mysterious voice behind the camera then says "turn left" before the interview gets going again, while a cameraman can be seen edging out of sight behind a doorway.

Diehard Elvis fans, many who believe that the Jailhouse Rock crooner faked his own death, are convinced that it was his voice that can be heard in the background.

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In the caption, the fan who uploaded the clip to Youtube claimed: "Elvis Presley says, 'turn left!' Is true!

"Elvis is still alive and on Earth with us!"

Just after the voice apparently saying "turn left" is heard, Larry does just that.

The video has been watched more than 100,000 times since it was uploaded.

It then exploded on the Facebook group Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive, where believers said the noise – described as Elvis's "southern drawl" – was conclusive proof that the 1960s heartthrob lives on.

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Posting six red heart emojis, a male fan wrote: “I heard it. He's still with us guys…….oh god what we would give to have them announce one more show.”

A female fan wrote: “That truly is Elvis!!!!

“It's wonderful to hear his voice again.

“God keep you safe and happy Sending you love and grateful prayers.”

Meanwhile, another eagle-eyed viewer claimed that, when examined closely, the cameraman himself had suspiciously grey hair.

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“Also with a magnifying glass I can see some grey hair, also you can tell he has a beard," the conspiracy theorist wrote.

“Did anyone notice how quickly he backed behind the corner? Interesting!!!”

In agreement, another believer wrote: “That was definitely coming from the cameraman who is/was Elvis…”

Of course, it is far more likely the voice simply came from someone in the CNN film crew.

Elvis lookalikes "spotted" by conspiracy theorists often have white hair and a beard – like in this picture which is alleged to be the aging star with his grandson.

If Elvis Presley was still alive today, he would have celebrated his 85th birthday on January 8 this year.

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