‘Desperate’ Mia Khalifa charged £10 per minute ‘to do nothing’ on webcam

Mia Khalifa was left laughing all the way to the bank after thanks to webcamming post-Pornhub.

The OnlyFans star, 29, has revealed she got away with charging fans £10 a minute to watch her "literally do nothing" on camera.

On the High and Low podcast hosted by model Emily Ratajkowski, Mia explained how she briefly became a cam girl "out of desperation", having moved to launch a new life away from porn.

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She told Em Rata: "When I was a camgirl it was very much out of desperation when I left those corporate settings and moved to Austin and needed to make a living while I was building a presence online.

"So I did camming but I was like charging $12 a minute to literally do nothing."

When asked what she thinks about OnlyFans, Mia gave a conflicted answer as she criticised the platform's publicity push for famous users whose content is far removed from sex work.

She answered: "I'm so torn about it, I really wish that they woud stop putting so much emphasis on the celebrity creators and the people that didn't really build the platform.

"I feel like a lot of things that they changed made the platform so desirable for the women that were trying to get out of the more traditional, porn sex work and do it in a safer way on OnlyFans.

Yet, with nearly 350,000 likes on her content, OnlyFans is where Mia still makes a considerable income alongside brand endorsements and ventures into fashion.

Current discounts on Mia's subscription bundles include signing up to a year of content for £93.

Her racy bio reads: "Welcome! Don't be a c***! Safe for work, but spicy new exclusive content every single day. This is the ONLY site where you can find content I consent to publicizing."

Speaking to Em Rata, Mia continued: "That's where my issue with OnlyFans comes in but I should not be biting the hand that literally feeds me, because it's also the place where I found a lot more of my bodily autonomy.

"I was able to take that back and my OnlyFans has always been non-nude, it's very suggestive anything that I post on OnlyFans I feel like can be posted on Instagram and be totally fine.

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"If I'm topless, I'm in pasties I'm doing it my way, in a way that I feel comfortable and it is great.

"It is really good to be able to have that for myself and to be able to take that back and be able to share images of me who I am now, not the child that is being circulated on the internet that I wish I could just like put back away in that box where she belongs."

Mia added: "It feels really f***ing good to be able to do whatever I'm comfortable with on a site that let's me connect with people.

"And be f***ing compensated for it."


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