See Céline Dion's Cute Response to Sam Smith After They Called Her Singing 'Out of This World'

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After breaking down Céline Dion's vocal performance on 1996's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," — and calling her performance "out of this world" — Dion had some kind words for Sam Smith, who has previously described Dion as the person who inspired them to pursue music.

"As a song, I think it's so outrageous. The vocal performance is out of this world," the 28-year-old says in the Pitchfork video. "The first time I really started singing was musical theater. There's something with Céline Dion, where she ticks that box. It's proper singing. It's from the gut."

"Vocally, she just has a tone and there's a sharpness to her voice that I think just cuts right through you," they add. "And you can hear her personality when she sings too, which is wonderful."

Quote-tweeting the outlet's post featuring Smith, the iconic Canadian songstress, 52, thanked them for their kind words.

"Aww, thank you so much @samsmith. It was great to see you last year in London, and forget about me – I think you're so amazing!!" she wrote. "Take care … hope to see you again soon. ❤️ Céline xx…"

Smith has been a lifelong fan of Dion. During her performance as a festival in 2019, the singer shared a video of themselves crying with the caption: "CELINE DION CHANGED MY LIFE."

"Thanks for coming to my show @SamSmith!" Dion wrote them back. "It was so great to meet you."

Several months later, Smith would go on to reveal that they wrote a track for Dion's 2019 album Courage.

"Céline, you are my everything and you are the reason I even sang in the first place. All hail the queen, the legend and the icon x," they wrote then.

Smith, who recently released their album Love Goes, even included a cover of the song they wrote for Dion on the album.

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