Louis Walsh drops hint he won’t return to X Factor because of ‘woke’ culture

Louis Walsh has now revealed he's no longer a fan of reality television after the genre lost its spark.

The former X Factor judge claims that nobody speaks what is on their mind nowadays due to fears of being "cancelled" due to the rising "woke culture".

Louis, 69, is no stranger to reality television having been a main member of The X Factor judging panel and appearing on shows such as Celebrity Juice and Ireland's Got Talent.

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Despite this, it appears the Irish star has had a change of heart and prefers how television used to be with people being brutally honest.

Speaking on Kate Thornton's White Wine Question Time podcast, the pair reflected on their time on the programme together, with Louis speaking fondly of Kate's brutal honesty.

He said: "It was [an important part of pop culture], it really was and the shows are never going to be as good as that again.

"It was real, it was funny, it was everything, everything is too perfect now, everyone is afraid to have an opinion."

Louis went on to hint that he may not be returning to The X Factor following the news that the show may be moving to Channel 5.

He explained to Kate: "I couldn't do it, I don't have a great filter, I like to say it as I see it.

"You know the people at home are thinking the same thing as you."

The music manager who is responsible for the likes of Boyzone, Westlife and HomeTown added that telly was "boring" now.

He added: "Everyone is wonderful, 'you're going to be a star' and all that, they're not going to be a star, there's very few stars out there.

"I think you have to be honest, that's the one thing about Simon [Cowell], he's honest and people might not like that.

"It's very hard to make it in this business, even if you're good – I don't know, I like to say it like it is.

"People have or they haven't got it, Kate.

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"People come in singing and they're nice but you forget about them in two minutes, that's no good!"

It has been reported that Simon Cowell has signed a "mega-money deal" with bosses at Channel 5 to revive the X Factor, five years after it last aired on television screens.

An insider said: "As soon as X-Factor was up for grabs, there was interest from a number of the networks.

"X-Factor is one of the most iconic shows in TV history, so it's no surprise lots of channels were keen. The production company had their pick. After a lot of meetings, execs decided to go with Channel 5."


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