Glastonbury punters horrified at huge cost of drink prices at iconic festival

Glastonbury fans hoping to shield themselves from the cost-of-living crisis for a few days might be in for a rude awakening – once they find out what the cost of a pint is.

Moaning about the price of booze is a regular thing at festivals, with music-lovers often stunned when they find out how much prices have rocketed since their previous visit.

And this week’s Glastonbury is no exception, with fans already taking to social media to tell the world how shocked they are.

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“SIX POUNDS EIGHTY PENCE” wrote one Twitter user, referring to the cost of a pint of San Miguel or Hobgoblin Session IPA.

Another poster said: "Just shy of 7 quid for a San Miguel?!"

Cynics often accuse festivals of ripping off punters because they are a captive audience, and there’s no competition within the music area as fans can’t take their own booze from their campsites with them. A pint of cider at this month’s Download Festival was £6.80.

But some fans at this year’s Glastonbury – where the headliners are Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses and Elton John – have pointed out that the cost of alcohol is not as high as they thought it might be.

One Twitter user wrote: "Last time I went to a gig at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester it was £5.40 for a 440ml can of San Miguel. These aren’t as high as I imagined they might have been, captive audience n all.”

And another added that the Glasto prices were “about the average pub price in London and cheaper than London gig venues”.

The cost of booze across the country has been soaring alongside many other things over the past year thanks to the high rate of inflation. This week it was announced that the rate of food inflation had fallen to its lowest for months – but it remains at an eye-watering 16.5%.

Moaning about the cost of drinks at Glastonbury and other festivals is something of an annual tradition for music fans. Last year a pint of Carlsberg Export cost £6.

And given that so many people pay for their rounds with a tap of their card rather than handing over their readies, it can be harder to budget over the course of a weekend.

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