UFO hunter says ‘flying saucer’ snaps is ‘definitive evidence we’re not alone’

A UFO hunter says recent snaps of a "flying saucer" is the "definitive proof" he has been looking for to prove "we're not alone" after all.

John Mooner has been watching the skies for signs of extraterrestrial life for some time, and he has allegedly spotted something strange.

Feeling vindicated by the "glint of light" he believes is an unidentified flying object, the Newton Abbot resident has since described the experience.

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Mr Mooner, who also claims he was previously abducted by aliens, says the mysterious object shot off and away from his view at 1,000mph, prompting him to continually monitor the area.

He said: "A glint of light instantly caught my eye as something metallic-looking came out from a cloud. I was completely gobsmacked by what I was seeing.

"It was unmistakably a flying saucer with two black rectangular windows on the dome portion of the craft and four black openings along the bottom part of its structure. I could also see some type of force field emanating around it."

John managed to snap a few photos of the alleged alien spacecraft with the images completely convincing the man of alien life.

He added: "I was so excited, I continued to monitor the area with the hope of sighting this incredible craft once again.

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"Then, minutes later, I actually got the chance to see it again when it swiftly shot out from the cloud. This time, however, I only captured the underside of the anomalous saucer craft."

John has went on to call the images "definitive evidence" of extraterrestrials visiting earth, saying: "This is absolutely genuine. The alien presence is real. We are not alone."

This is not the first strange encounter Mr Mooner had with alien species though, as he allegedly spotted an "alien craft" near the Torbay Airshow earlier this month, close tothe famous Red Arrows.

Despite the claimed sighting, John believes it is nothing to worry about as aliens "only have good intentions and watch over us".

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