Popstar Kesha nearly died due to ‘horrifying’ complications after freezing her eggs

Popstar Kesha said that she nearly died due to ‘horrifying’ complications after freezing her eggs.

The Tik Tok singer has opened up about her scary experience, which saw her spending nine days in hospital.

The 36 year old went through the procedure of freezing her eggs at the end of last year, but during a performance on New Year's Eve, Kesha recalled being "too weak to walk".

In a new interview with Self magazine, she said she "almost died in January", as she explained that she had developed a rare and serious complication linked to her fertility procedure, leaving her in hospital in Miami for over a week.

Kesha, real name Kesha Rose Sebert, said that she is "finally recovered" but described the experience as "horrifying."

Speaking about her decision to freeze her eggs – a procedure that means women have a better chance of getting pregnant later in their lives, Kesha said: "I just was taking my reproductive health into my own hands. And I stand by everyone doing that and (honouring) your body.

"Everyone probably has some semblance of feeling like you share what you’re going through, and, at the same time, it’s almost inviting people to have an opinion about it. I don’t have that perfectly mapped out."

Kesha has often been honest about her medical issues in life, and in 2017, she opened up on an eating disorder, which saw her starve herself and later spend a stint in rehab.

After admitting that she felt that she had to "be a certain size," and taking increasingly extreme measures to get there, the pop star, who recently released her comeback album Rainbow, confessed in an interview with Rolling Stone: "I really just thought I wasn't supposed to eat food.

"And then if I ever did, I felt very ashamed, and I would make myself throw up because I'd think, "Oh, my God, I can't believe I actually did that horrible thing. I'm so ashamed of myself because I don't deserve to eat food."

Shockingly, the singer went on to admit: "I was slowly, slowly starving myself. And the worse I got and the sicker I got, the better a lot of people around me were saying that I looked."

The 30 year old said she finally realised she was battling with a complex eating disorder while at a dinner party with friends and family.

She described having "mounting anxiety" during a BBQ with family and friends as she fretted about them seeing her purged food "in a garbage can or a bush".

Realising that she couldn’t continue living the way she was, Kesha said she immediately arranged to meet her mother at a nearby petrol station, and admitted to her that she had a problem.

Shortly after, the singer checked into rehab and began working with a nutritionist to help conquer her battle with the eating disorder.

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