‘We got pregnant and our noses completely changed – now others don’t want kids’

Getting pregnant is often a joyous thing for most women.

However, one little known 'side effect' has left some put off of having children altogether.

Move aside morning sickness and swollen ankles – as the 'pregnancy nose' has taken over baby conversation on social media

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The hashtag 'pregnancy nose' has 18.9million views on TikTok, where mums reveal how carrying their tot for nine months transformed their hooters.

Kaylyn Hill took part in the trend where she claimed that her nose got bigger as the result of getting pregnant.

"Y'all wanna talk about pregnancy nose…it gets progressively worse," she wrote in the clip that racked up millions of views.

The mum-of-one shared what her schnoz looked like before she was expecting her little girl.

She then revealed that her nose had gotten bigger in a matter of months.

And, it appeared that TikTok user Taya was able to relate to Kaylyn and her swollen hooter.

The 25-year-old expressed her shock at how her nose transformed while she was pregnant.

"My nose was alreadyyyy big likeeeee", Taya mocked in the caption as she exposed the dramatic transformation

She added that she even has 'kankles' – or swollen ankles.

Kellie Brennan is another mum who experienced the 'pregnancy nose' – and surprise that comes with it.

The parent stitched a TikTok clip with TikTok user and mum @heyosato who thought that she would look "cute" when expecting her child – but quickly branded it "ghetto" when too experiencing the 'pregnancy nose'.

Able to relate, Kellie shared her own battle with the 'growing' snout.

"No because why was this six months before I got pregnant", she explained in the clip as she shared a snap of her pre-pregnancy days.

"I never had a big nose, everything is fine."

But, Kellie didn't even recognise herself at nine months pregnant due to the transformation of her nose.

"Who is that?", the mum gasped. "I just want to say that my nose did go back to normal."

Equally shocked at how carrying a child can change the shape of your snout, many women took to TikTok to share their thoughts – and some don't want children because of it.

One person commented: "Yeah I ain't getting pregnant. If my future husband wants kids we are adopting kids."

Another user fretted: "My nose is already kinda big. im gonna adopt."

While a third voiced: "I knew my nose wassssss bigger I knew ittttt."

It turns out that 'pregnancy nose' is a real thing and it's got a lot to do with the hormones when carrying a child.

Dr Shannon M. Clark, a professor in maternal-fetal medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, who has 450,000 TikTok followers often shares information on social media regarding pregnancy.

Apparently, the swelling is caused by the increase of hormones during pregnancy which causes something called basal dilation.

"There's typical physiological changes of pregnancy that occur in everyone, the first being basal dilation, where you have dilation of the blood vessels of the body," Clark told NBC News.

"I had it when I was pregnant with my twins. That's why my nose wasn't only swollen but it was more red."

Dr Clark noted that additional reasons for the swelling of body parts are from an increase of blood flow to aid the growing baby, which include the nose as it has a mucus membrane that experiences increased flow.

Although 'pregnancy nose' is common in many pregnant women, if they are more than 20 weeks along and see that their face and hands start to swell – along with symptoms like headaches and blurred vision – they should contact a medical professional.

The doctor in maternal-fetal medicine shared that this could be sign of preeclampsia.

"Preeclampsia in pregnancy is a complicated condition and needs to be monitored and diagnosed properly", she urged.


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