The LolaVie Story: Here’s How Jennifer Aniston Grew Her Haircare Brand

There is a revolution in beauty brands when it comes to sustainable, eco-friendly products. 

LolaVie is derived from one of Aniston’s monikers, Lola, and Vie in Italian means life. It translates to My Life. The Friends sitcom actress has shared a piece of personal beauty treatment with her fans through this exclusively launched hair care brand. The plant-powered products come in lightweight hair oil, glossing detangler, conditioner, and shampoo.

LolaVie has been generating a steady source of income annually, and it has been estimated that the brand makes a rough turnover of over $15 million to $20 million per year. Let’s take a look at the factors that generated this successful venture.

The Birth Of LolaVie

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The cruelty-free and plant-based products were launched with fanfare on September 8th, 2021. LolaVie promised to be devoid of harmful chemicals like sulfate and paraben. It almost took five years to formulate the vegan batch of products for beauty-conscious women who love to have luscious hair.

When the idea of coming up with a hair care brand was created, the Golden Globe Award-winning actress wanted all of the products to carry her personal bulletproof touch. According to Vogue, each product launched has been tried and tested by her in person over the years. She even allowed her friends and family to try samples for feedback before marketing the hair spa range. The design of the bottles, the natural ingredients, and even the written content was carefully planned.

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Each hair care product comes with curated natural ingredients. The Glossing Detangler contains bamboo essence, plant-based ceramides, and lemon and chia seed extracts. The Perfecting Leave-In conditioner boasts a Rose of Jericho plant extracts that protect the hair from heat and extreme temperatures. The Lightweight hair oil has the goodness of apricot and coconut oil. The restorative shampoo and conditioner contain vegetable ceramides, Vitamin B extract, and biotin. This exotic range boosts hair shine and promotes regeneration from the roots adding extra bounce without damaging chemical effects.

LolaVie’s Long List Of Beauty Awards 

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According to Forbes, the one-year-old beauty hair care brand has won eight awards. Including accolades from Allure and HarperBazaar’s most recommended hair products in 2022. The products have received five-star reviews and ratings from all over the world. The conscious effort of introducing a plant-based hair spa line has been successful for the actress-turned-entrepreneur. LolaVie is committed to raising more beauty items in the future that are bound to perform well in the glamor market.

Consumers have been thrilled with a vegan brand of hair care. It has automatically generated a buzz within beauty-conscious circles. Women love fresh, natural ingredient-based products, and the hairline range is flying off the shelves. Aniston and her team are happy with the positive feedback from the customers. There is a huge demand to increase bottle sizes for family use. Beauty magazines and social media influencers recommend LolaVie for glossy, frizz-free hair.

According to Glamour, Jennifer prefers basic hairstyling products. After carefully curating numerous serums, oils, and lotions, she has worked on successful formulae that cure all hair woes. The LolaVie hairline is a heat protector, smoothes hair texture, adds gloss, and provides a protective shield to the roots. No matter the type of hair, whether beach waves, curls, oily or straight, all are covered under this beauty range made of renewably resourced ingredients.

Jennifer Aniston Making A Fortune Off LolaVie

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According to Cosmopolitan, the Emmy Award-winning actress has an estimated net worth of $320 million in 2022. Out of this, she earns more than $20 million from beauty brands and endorsements. The actress is said to have gained an additional $15 – $20 million worth of income through her successful hair care brand LolaVie annually. With the brand gaining momentum in the market and future expansions, it is bound to produce a $50 million figure.

The Hollywood beauty Rachel hairstyle from the hit sitcom Friends has been a worldwide obsession. Tapping on that fanbase and using her entrepreneurial skills, Jennifer Aniston has created an award-winning hair care brand that has doubled her income within a year.

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