Financial adviser on Forbes rich list shares ins and outs for 2023

Financial adviser who made the 30 under 30 Forbes list shares her ‘ins and outs for 2023’ – and they can make you rich

  • Financial adviser Victoria Devine shared her ‘ins and outs’ for 2023
  • She was named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2021 for her money podcast
  • Victoria said ins and outs are far more useful than New Year’s resolutions
  • Said she’ll care about her budget in 2023 and banish not being financially aware 

A financial adviser who appeared in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2021 has shared her ‘ins and outs for 2023’, and why she prefers to do this instead of New Year’s resolutions or strict goal setting.

Victoria Devine is the host of the wildly popular She’s On The Money podcast from Melbourne, and she works as a wealth management adviser dedicated to making financial jargon understandable and relatable.

In two of her most recent TikTok videos, Victoria shared her list of ‘ins’ including caring about your budget and ‘outs’ including buying endless trend-led pieces.

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A financial adviser who appeared in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2021 has shared her ‘ins and outs for 2023’ (Victoria Devine pictured)

‘These are my 2023 ins and outs. This is going to be hectic, so you guys better strap yourselves in,’ Victoria said in the first clip.

Her first in is ‘having dinner at friends’ places’, which Victoria said is ‘great’ and budget friendly thanks to the fact that you’re not eating out at a pricey restaurant.

The financial adviser’s second ‘in’ is caring about your budget.

‘I feel like caring about your budget is really sexy,’ Victoria said. 

‘Cash flow is something that can empower you and we want that in 2023.’

In two of her most recent TikTok videos, Victoria (pictured) shared her list of ‘ins’ including caring about your budget and ‘outs’ including buying endless trend-led pieces

In a similar budget-savvy way, Victoria said this year, she intends to ‘re-wear outfits more’ and speak openly about money.

‘I am abolishing not speaking openly about money in your friendship groups,’ she said.

‘I want you to talk about what is overpriced, what is underpriced, I want you to talk about your salaries and how you negotiated your pay rise with your bestie so you can do the same thing.’ 

Finally, Victoria said her other ins are overdressing, saying ‘no, it’s not in my budget’, oat lattes and Croc sandals.

She also intends to ‘call not text’, compliment strangers, wear sunscreen every day and eat good bread.

Victoria Devine’s ins for 2023 

* Dinners at friends’ places

* Caring about your budget

* Re-wearing outfits 

* Speaking openly about money

* Overdressing

* Saying no, it’s not in my budget

* Oat lattes

* Crocs

* Complimenting strangers

* Calling not texting

* Sunscreen everyday

* Eating good bread 

Victoria Devine’s outs for 2023 

* Living to aesthetics – ‘clean girl’ etc

* Buying trendy fashion pieces

* Not investing for your future

* Setting unrealistic goals (workouts, savings goals etc)

* Hustle culture

* Endless scrolling

* Uncomfortable clothing

* Impulse purchases

* Laggy Zoom chats

* Not being financially self-aware

Source: She’s On The Money 


Victoria (pictured) said it’s important to ‘care about your budget’ in 2023, because ‘cash flow is something that can empower you’

In a second video, the financial adviser shared her ‘outs’ for 2023, and why she is banishing them for the next 12 months.

The first ‘out’ was living your life according to an aesthetic and the second was buying ‘trendy fashion pieces’.

‘Last year I spent too much money on things that looked good on other people I saw on TikTok or I was influenced to buy. I’ve never worn them again and they were a waste of money and space in my wardrobe. I’m going to stick to what I know suits me,’ Victoria said.

She said the easiest way to implement this is if you can’t think of five different occasions to wear something, then there is no point buying it.

The financial adviser (pictured) said you need to stop avoiding investing in your future, as this is what will build you financial wealth and free you

Next on Victoria’s list was not investing in your future, which she said is key to building financial wealth.

She highlighted that there are free resources all over the place where you can learn about investing, including her own podcast She’s On The Money, which is released once a week.

Elsewhere on the list, Victoria said she is banning ‘hustle culture’, endless scrolling and unrealistic goals – whether they relate to your savings or your workouts.

‘I’m going to put timers on my phone so I can’t endless scroll and I’m also going to kick my phone out of my bedroom and hope that that actually sticks,’ she said.

Finally, Victoria said she’s banning uncomfortable clothing, impulse purchases, laggy Zoom chats and ‘not being financially aware’.

She advises putting 24 hours between yourself and any kind of purchase to avoid making spending mistakes, and said you need to be financially self-aware – which means knowing the budgets of your friends as well as your own to see how you are tracking.

Thousands who saw Victoria’s videos said they would do their own ins and outs instead of New Year’s resolutions.

‘Yes, this is the list I need,’ one person wrote.

‘Keeping it real,’ another added. 

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