‘My baby smelt of baby shampoo before first bath – it was odd but I know why’

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A mum was baffled when she noticed her newborn smelled of baby shampoo before she even bathed him for the first time.

Shelby was told by her midwives that the gentle bath-time product was used during her son's "grand exit".

She dropped the revelation on TikTok when she said: "Finally finding out why my newborn smelt of Johnson & Johnson shampoo before he ever even got a bath."

While curious viewers asked Shelby to elaborate, she explained: "Apparently they use Johnson & Johnson shampoo as lube during birth, I just thought it was weird.

"I also vividly remember seeing the bottle while pushing and thinking it was odd."

The use of baby shampoo can also help to prevent the vagina tearing badly when she gives birth, she added.

"Regular lube could be dangerous for the baby's eyes," Shelby commented.

One mum said it's the first time she heard of the use of baby shampoo during birth.

"I have had three babies and never heard of this – and they have never done it to me," she wrote.

Another commented: "I'm sorry what? Wouldn't that burn?"

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A third said the labor and delivery nurse usually only uses it for "perineal massage" while pushing only but not for cervical checks.

Others were shocked and argued that the nurses only use medical-proven lubricants rather than baby soap.

Meanwhile, a new dad received hate comments after taking the decision to name his baby while his wife "passed out" during labour.

Husband Jeff joked: "When your wife passed out after birth so you got to pick the baby’s name…

"This is actually how we ended up with our baby’s name – Jagger."

However viewers trolled the couple over the name and said it's more of a dog name than a name for a human.

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