The Best Locker Organizers For Your Grade-School Student

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From toddlerhood through the teenage years, for whatever reason, kids loathe cleanliness. From their bedrooms to their school bags, they seem to thrive off organized chaos, huffing and puffing when forced to clean their room. But while it’s one thing to have a messy closet, it’s another to have a messy school locker. 

Locker organizers ensure textbooks and supplies are readily available and always visible. Additional shelves allow students to arrange their essentials by their class schedules, while magnetic pockets provide them with a place to store pens, markers, calculators and the like. They set your student up for success and guarantee homework assignments will never get buried under piles of loose leaf papers again. Here are the best locker organizers your grade-school student won’t mind having hang around. 

1. Tools for School Locker Shelf

The Tools for School Locker Shelf is super versatile: Your student can take them from school to work to their future dorm room, and even the gym in years to come. Available in black, blue and magenta finishes, this basic organization tool is easy to assemble and can be adjusted to fit the size of their locker. Once assembled, the unit stays in place with magnets that attach to the inner metal walls of the space and is sturdy enough to hold the weight of textbooks, gym clothes, binders, etc.

2. LockerWorks 3 Shelf Adjustable Hanging Organizer

Some kids need as much organizational assistance as they can get, and this locker organizer from LockerWorks definitely does the trick. The three-shelf locker hang can be adjusted from 20 to 38 inches in height by 6 inches wide and 9 inches deep, and if your student only has so much room, it can also be converted to a two-shelf organizer. It includes mesh side pockets to store smaller items like pens, art supplies and calculators, while the open-back design holds large binders, heavy textbooks and other oversized items. Available in a range of colors  to meet your students style, even the messiest tweens and teens will love the level of structure it provides.

3. Workablez Magnetic Pencil Holder

Some lockers are tiny with limited space to cram an entire organizational unit into, while some kids aren’t super messy, they just misplace their writing utensils every once in awhile. This miniature organizer from Workablez was specifically designed for safe keeping things like pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, post-it notes, white out and the like. It attaches to your child’s locker like a magnet, is made of metal mesh and features two large holders to fit all their desk supplies.

4. U Brands Locker Accessories Kit

Your teen can add a little flair to their locker with this six-piece accessory kit. All of the accessories hang or stick to the metal locker, so you don’t have to worry about a time-consuming installation. Within the set, you get a whiteboard, dry erase marker, mirror, magnetic storage cup and two magnets. Your teen can keep track of their to-do list, get a quick look in the mirror between classes and display photos of friends. The set comes in blush and grey.

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