Mariah Carey & Daughter Monroe Prank McDonald's: Instagram Video

Mariah Carey, singer of “All I Want for Christmas is You” (the biggest song in the world) and awesome mama to twins Monroe and Moroccan, 10, has revealed a rare glimpse into her parenting style with a new video posted to Instagram today. The almost 3-minute video shows fun pranks between Carey and Monroe at a McDonald’s in Aspen, Colorado.

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“We took an unexpected jaunt to @mcdonalds to see the Mariah Menu,” Carey wrote about her special menu at McDonald’s featuring specials every day through Christmas Eve. “It was a classic!”

In the video, Carey is seen saying, “We are at McDonald’s!” As they roll up to the drive-thru window, Monroe says, “Hi! How are ya?” in a funny accent. Then she proceeds to order a “beanie” and a “t-shirt” from the Mariah Menu, along with food. At one point, the employee asks her to order at the window, and another they ask, “Can you please just leave the store and never come back?” which makes Carey crack up laughing.

Monroe says the employee said that “because I’m so good at acting,” to which Carey shakes her head and says, “No no no, don’t do that. Retake, retake, humble humble, humility, humility” and Monroe responds, “I know, I’m kidding.” Carey does reassure her, saying, “You actually killed it and that’s the truth.” We love how Carey is down to have fun while also working to keep her kids humble at the same time!

Later, Carey’s assistants went to McDonald’s to distract the employees before her surprise entrance. She walks in and tries to act like a regular customer in a floor-length red dress, saying, “Well, I hope I’m not overdressed!” to which the employee responds, “I don’t think you’re overdressed. It’s Mariah!” The employees proceed to freak out meeting Carey in real life (who wouldn’t?) and taking pictures with her before she left wishing everyone “happy holidays.”

What an awesome moment!

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